'The Terror: Infamy' Featurette Introduces The Season 2 Characters

The Terror: Infamy introduces audiences to a whole new group of characters who find themselves in peril. Set during World War II, Infamy follows a Japanese-American community dealing with both paranormal happenings and the disturbing realities of the Japenese internment camps the United States government set up after Pearl Harbor. A new The Terror Infamy featurette introduces you to the many characters you'll meet on the AMC series this season.

The Terror Infamy Featurette 

Season 1 of The Terror had a rich cast of characters, so it's only appropriate that season 2 would do the same. The characters this time around are different – The Terror was turned into an anthology series, with a different story each season – but they're fully realized and complex, and it might take you some time to get used to all of them. Thankfully, this featurette gives you a head-start, letting you know who's who. Derek Mio is Chester Nakayama, the main character – an American-born Japanese American living in California. Chester is at the center of a series of mysterious, terrifying events that are affecting his friends and family, including his father Henry (Shingo Usami), mother Asako (Naoko Mori), and his girlfriend Luz (Cristina Rodlo).

The paranormal events are unfolding against the backdrop of World War II, when the characters find themselves sent to Japanese internment camps. The camp setting both highlights a stain on America's history while also commenting on events of today. "This season of The Terror uses as its setting one of the darkest, most horrific moments in our nation's history," said writer and executive producer Max Borenstein. "The Japanese-American internment is a blemish on the nation's conscience — and one with dire resonance to current events."

The Terror was a fantastic, disturbing season of television, and season 2 is shaping up to be a must-see. As I said in my review:

While the first season of The Terror had the occasional supernatural occurrence, its horror mostly relied on events created by the harsh elements, or the foolishness of humans. Infamy, in sharp contrast, goes all-in on the metaphysical and the ghostly. As a result, this season is much scarier than season 1. The first few minutes of the season alone unfold at a fever pitch, focusing on a seemingly-possessed character slowly pushing a long, sharp object into their ear. It's ghastly, and nasty, and instantly sets the tone for the season. There's always something horrible lurking here – something unspoken, something dire. The atmosphere is thick and oppressive. You can feel the dread weighing down on you like heavy humidity.

The Terror: Infamy premieres August 12, 2019.