'It Chapter Two' Posters Put Pennywise Front And Center

It Chapter Two will terrify audiences next month, and as we get closer and closer to the horror sequel, you can expect to see an increase in publicity material. That includes two creepy new posters which put Pennywise the Dancing Clown right up in your face, ready to give you a slew of nightmares. It's a stark departure from the posters for the first movie, which tended to keep Pennywise in the shadows. See the new It Chapter Two posters below. 

Above you'll see the blood-drenched Dolby Cinema poster for It Chapter Two. It's a clever design: a close-up on Pennywise's face, his eye makeup becoming a river of blood, and the silhouettes of the adult Losers' Club down in the corner. I'm not entirely sure the silhouettes work – they look a little too crude contrasted with the rest of the poster – but overall, I dig this.

Next up, the IMAX poster. Those damn red balloons Pennywise loves so much take up most of the image, but Pennywise's face is clearly nestled among them, peering down at us. It's effective and chilling. And while Pennywise's face is partially obscured, you can still clearly spot him. Now let's contrast these two posters with the posters for the first film, shall we?

This might be the most well-known poster for the first It – it ended up serving as the Blu-ray cover. You can vaguely make out Pennywise's face behind the ballon, but his still quite hidden.

Here, Pennywise is completely in shadows, far in the background. Once again, the promotional material was attempting to hide him.

Finally, this gives us a pretty good look at Pennywise's body, and yet he's still hidden in shadow. The vast difference between the posters for It Chapter Two and It highlight how much confidence the producers have in their film. The first It was an untested commodity – no one was quite sure how audiences would react to this version of Pennywise. Then the movie became a huge hit, and Bill Skarsgård's performance as the murderous clown was widely praised. Now, for the marketing of It Chapter Two, the character gets to step out of the shadows and take center stage.

It Chapter Two opens September 6, 2019.