Female Horror Anthology 'XX' Is Becoming A TV Series

XX, the horror anthology film directed by female filmmakers, is getting a second lease on life in the form a TV show. Like the film, the XX TV series will bring in female screenwriters and female directors to create new horror stories. There's no network set-up for this yet, nor is there word of which filmmakers might be involved. But the world can never have too many horror shows, and having one solely created by women is a great idea.Syfy has the scoop on the XX TV series. Jovanka Vuckovic, Todd Brown, and Raquelle David are producing the show, which will feature tales of terror from female creators. "Raquelle [David], Todd Brown and I, are developing XX as a television series," said Vuckovic, saying the show would be "sort of like a Black Mirror, but for women, all written and directed by women."

Vuckovic was one of the directors of the XX film segments, along with St. Vincent, Karyn Kusama, and Roxanne Benjamin. The cast included Natalie Brown, Melanie Lynskey, Breeda Wool, and Christina Kirk. I'll admit that while I'm a huge fan of horror anthologies, and love the idea of a female-driven anthology, the XX movie left me a little disappointed. I'm hopeful the idea will work in TV format, though.

TV horror anthologies seem to be having a moment. American Horror Story continues to roll on, but there's also the Twilight Zone revival and Shudder's upcoming TV adaptation of Creepshow. AMC also decided to turn The Terror into an anthology series, with The Terror: Infamy debuting this month. It's a good time to be a horror fan.

As for what to expect from the XX TV series, Vuckovic says: "I know everyone hates the term 'elevated horror.' But let's say 'thinking person's horror,' feminist thinking person's horror." Time will tell where this series ends up, but my vote is for Shudder, who continue to kill it with original programming. It would fit in perfectly with the new Creepshow and the unjustly canceled Channel Zero, which streams exclusively on the horror streaming service.