Cool Stuff: Tony Stark's Iron Man Hall Of Armor Gets Miniaturized For Your Collectible Shelf

There are very few people in the world who are as wealthy or technologically inclined as Tony Stark. That means it's not likely that we'll be building our own Iron Man suits, let along an entire hall dedicated to a bunch of them. That's why we're glad Hot Toys has created a miniature Iron Man Hall of Armor collection featuring all of Tony Stark's Iron Man suits from the first crude Mark I model built in a cave with a box of scraps and the much more advanced Mark VII from The Avengers. See it out below.

Hot Toys Miniature Iron Man Hall of Armor

Iron Man Hall of Armor - Hot ToysMiniature Iron Man Hall of Armor

Inspired by Tony Stark's display of armor in Iron Man 3, this collection of miniature suits and display dioramas shrink the suits down to an easy-to-collect size. Each individual armor display stand about 4.7 inches tall, has LED light-up effects, and each of the diorama displays connect to each other in order complete the set for the ultimate collectible display.

As of now, it's only Mark I through Mark VII that's available for collection, but I wouldn't be surprised if Hot Toys kept adding to it for all the fans out there who might be anxious to get all the various suits of armor created by Tony Stark. That could end up being very expensive, but we don't know how much these will be going for individually. Plus, there will also be a set that gives you the entire collection in one package, but those will only be available in select markets.

Miniature Iron Man Hall of Armor

Tony Stark has a private workshop in his mansion where he builds all of his Iron Man armors. There, he keeps the Mark I through Mark VII suits on display in his Hall of Armor. Today, Hot Toys is excited to bring his high-tech workshop to Iron Man fanatics with the incredibly cool looking Miniature Hall of Armor inspired by Iron Man 3.

Recreated with screen accurate details, the brand new diorama showcases Tony Stark's state-of-the-art in miniature size featuring Iron Man's remarkable suits with Hall of Armor, including Iron Man Mark I to Iron Man Mark VII. Measures over 12cm tall, the LED light up collectibles can be combined in different ways for endless display possibilities.

We're not sure when these will be available, so stay tuned to the Hot Toys Facebook page for more updates.