'Alita: Battle Angel' Honest Trailer: A 26th Century Movie That Plays Like It Never Left The 90s

Alita: Battle Angel is the second movie starring Christoph Waltz that featurs some very prominent big eyes. But it's the only one that takes place in the 26th century where X-Games style sports are still all the rage and a robot girl called Alita (Rosa Salazar) who loves chocolate can defy death at the hands of an endless array of cybernetically enhanced humans with knifes for limbs. James Cameron had been wanting to make this movie for years, but he left it to Robert Rodriguez instead, for better or worse.

Watch the Alita Battle Angel Honest Trailer below.

Alita Battle Angel Honest Trailer

Alita: Battle Angel may not have been a runaway box office hit in the United States with a domestic take of only $85.7 million, but overseas the movie fared quite well with an international total of $319.1 million. But even when a movie does that well overseas, it's hard to turn a profit when it costs $170 million to make before advertising, even when you finish the movie with a cliffhanger instead of an ending.

But even so, despite the fact that this movie still feels like it's trapped in the decade in which the manga and big screen adaptation were first conceived, this movie does an incredible job building the world in which it takes place. Sure, it requires a lot of exposition as it's explained to Alita throughout her introduction to the world, but Rosa Salazar's performance is mostly what makes it so endearing and enjoyable, not to mention the visual effects that look infinitely better than they did in the trailer.

Unfortunately, we probably won't see a sequel anytime soon, but at the very least we know the future will have plenty of rocket powered boots and axes for us to make robotic limbs mandatory in order to live.