VOTD: VFX Artists Reaction To The 'Cats' Trailer May Surprise You More Than Digital Fur Technology

In case you haven't heard, the YouTube channel Corridor Crew has been making waves with a new series of videos featuring visual effects artists reacting to some of the best and worst computer generated imagery created in blockbuster films. They've scrutinized everything from Jurassic Park back in 1993 to Disney's remake of Aladdin this past summer, not to mention the abomination that was Sonic the Hedgehog. But nothing prepared them for the digital fur technology of the big screen adaptation of the long-running Broadway musical Cats.

See how VFX artists react to Cats below.

You might be surprised to hear that the visual effects artists from Corridor Crew don't have much to nitpick about the VFX used to turn the all-star cast of this musical adaptation into human-animal hybrids. In fact, they point out that even though the visual effects on display are only 80%-90% complete, a lot of the shots not only look technically accurate, but they even look good.

So why is the internet in a tizzy over Cats? Well, the culprit seems to be the photorealism of bridging a human face and body with certain biological traits of a cat. It's not really the visual effects that are the problem, but the design of the characters themselves looking very human and animal-like at the same time. That's probably why they actually have more questions about the logistics of the cat characters themselves (including why some of them have fur coats on top of their fur bodies).

Shifting gears, the Corridor Crew looks at a scene chosen by Pateron subscribers, and it's a sequence involving massive destruction from the disaster blockbuster 2012, so keep watching if you need even more of a distraction today.