The New 'Lord Of The Flies' Movie Could Be Directed By 'Call Me By Your Name' Filmmaker Luca Guadagnino

Ralph, Piggy, Jack, Simon, and the rest of the characters in William Golding's classic novel Lord of the Flies are heading for the big screen once again.

The story of a power struggle on a desolate island, which has already been adapted on film multiple times, is getting a new remake at Warner Bros., and the studio is currently in negotiations with Call Me By Your Name's Luca Guadagnino to direct it. Plus, they've thrown out the idea to make it with an all-female cast. Here's what we know so far.

According to Variety, Guadagnino is in talks with the studio to direct the film, as well as produce it with his producing partner Marco Morabito. Guadagnino has directed movies like I Am Love, last year's divisive remake of Suspiria, and A Bigger Splash, but he made the biggest critical splash of his career with 2017's Call Me By Your Name, a tender portrait of love set in a sun-drenched 1980s Italian summer. That film made Timothée Chalamet a household name, but doing the same thing for a cast of young boys in a new Lord of the Flies adaptation may prove much more difficult, considering the subject matter.

William Golding's 1954 novel tells the story of a group of British boys who survive when a plane crashes on an uninhabited island, and it details the power structures that form when the boys try to form a society as they wait to be rescued. It's a giant allegory about power and the horrors of war and the dangers of operating as a collective, and it's been required reading in high school English classes for decades. The story was adapted into English-speaking movies in 1963 and 1990, and Lupita A. Concio made a Filipino version in 1975.

If Guadagnino officially signs on, the plan is to "develop a story that stays true to the text but with a contemporary, ultra-kinetic feel." Interestingly, it seems that another movie has already beaten this to the punch in that regard: a new film called Monos, which debuted at this year's Sundance Film Festival and was hailed as a modern-day Lord of the Flies. Here's the trailer for that movie:

When WB snagged the rights to this back in 2017, the idea was to remake Lord of the Flies as a female-centric property. That plan has been "scrapped," Variety says, and this new version will tell the story with a group of boys at the center.