VOTD: Ross & Matt Duffer's Definitive List Of 'Stranger Things' Movie References

Any fan of Stranger Things can tell you that part of the show's appeal is how it taps into the nostalgia of movies from the 70s, 80s and 90s by emulating and paying homage to them. Whether it's from the kids referencing the movies or scenes taking visual inspiration from them, the influence of cinema from decades ago is all over the Netflix series. Plenty have tried to break down as many Stranger Things movie references as possible, but series creators Ross & Matt Duffer have the definitive list for you.

Stranger Things Movie References

In this video from Wired, Matt & Ross Duffer run through an impressive array of Stranger Things movie references through all three seasons of the show. Clocking in at just under 29 minutes, the Duffer Brothers really do seem to deliver on every movie reference they've made in the series, ranging from Close Encounters of the Third Kind to The Thing and Aliens to The Goonies. But it's not just sci-fi and horror, because movies like Sixteen Candles, Risky Business and Stand By Me also influenced parts of the series.

With this video, it sounds like we now have a complete list of the movie references that were intentional in the series. Over three seasons there are plenty that fans have assumed or thought they saw, but if it's not mentioned in this video, then it may not have been in the mind of Matt & Ross Duffer while making the series.

If you'd like a closer look at the movie references and Easter eggs of the third season of Stranger Things, check out our breakdown over here and then go back and watch it all over again.