Video: Trying To CRASH The Millennium Falcon In 'Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge'

Last month we ran an experiment to see what would happen if you rode the Millenium Falcon: Smuggler's Run attraction in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge without touching a button or controlling the steering. The result was one of our most popular videos, and you can watch that here. We have returned to Batuu to run another experiment, this time we are trying to crash the Millenium Falcon. Oh, of course, you can't crash the ship — there is no fail state, this is a theme park ride after all. But we're going to do our best to hit everything we possibly can. The gunners are going to shoot at nothing as much as they possibly can and the Engineers will fix nothing and do nothing. The purpose? Let's see what the lowest possible score we can get on this Star Wars Land ride.

Everything you do in this ride earns or costs you credits at the end of the mission. If you pull the lever for lightspeed, you get credits. If you hit the brake and don't crash into the container, you get more credits. The purpose of rapid-fire shooting and trying not to hit any of the ships is because the more missed shots you fire, the more deduction of credits at the end of the ride. I've seen high scores approaching 20,000 credits for a great run on this ride. What is the lowest score possible? Can you end up owing Hondo money at the end of the mission? Let's find out.

Surprisingly, it's not easy to try to hit things on this ride. It's probably even harder than trying to avoid things, because you are aiming to hit the one small thing on the screen, as opposed to avoiding the one small thing on the screen. So it's actually in a way a more fun game to try to crash the falcon than to try to succeed at the mission.

It should be noted that we would never conduct such an experiment if we didn't have an agreement with the other riders in the cockpit with us. That would be wrong. Don't ever subject other riders who waited up to an hour in line with a potentially bad ride experience. Although I would argue that this ride is more fun the more you do hit things. This experiment came together because while we were waiting in line for Smuggler's Run, Cameron came up to Kitra and I to ask to get a photo with us. He had been watching our Galaxy's Edge videos and was a fan of the channel. Our friend Jeff jokingly asked if him and his mom Jennifer wanted to heklpo us with an experiement on the ride, and they were excited to be part of it. So a big thanks to them for making this happen because we only had four people with us at the park and wouldn't have attempted it otherwise.