The 'Loki' From 'The Avengers' Is Back And Still Mischievous As Ever [Comic-Con 2019]

While everyone was mostly focused on what movies Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe would entail, we didn't think there would be so much announced for the streaming side of the MCU over at Disney+. But Tom Hiddleston came out to the Hall H stage at Comic-con and shared some little tidbits about what fans can expect from the Loki series.

Find out what we learned during the Loki Comic-Con presentation below.

Tom Hiddleston is no stranger to Comic-Con, and he even appeared to the crowd in character as Loki, in full wardrobe, a few years back. This time he was just happy to be there to talk about the new Disney+ series that he's leading.

Remember how Loki disappeared in the middle of Avengers: Endgame when Tony Stark and Scott Lang messed up the time heist for the Space Stone, aka the Tesseract, back in 2012? Well, that's the Loki that will be leading this new series, and because of that, he's not a character who has learned any lessons or softened his heart at all. It's a regression back to Loki from 2012's The Avengers. Hiddleston explained:

"Just about the last thing that happened to him was he got Hulk smashed. So there's a lot of pyshclogical evolution that is still yet to happen. Kevin has generously showed me what his plans are. It's one of the most exciting creative opportunities I've come across. This is new territory, a new world, new challenges I can't wait to get started."

Previously we heard the Loki series would take the character back to certain moments in human history "as an unlikely influencer on historical events." There was even a first look at some concept art that emerged not too long ago with Loki standing in the middle of a metropolitan area in the mid 1970s. So we can expect Loki to traverse time and shake things up in the new timeline branch, and we're very curious to see if it has any impact on the rest of the MCU.Loki will hit Disney+ sometime in the spring of 2021.