Cool Stuff: 'Jurassic Park' Shaving Cream Cryo Can Available For Pre-Order Now From Chronicle Collectibles

Last summer, we learned Chronicle Collectibles would be releasing one of the most well-known props from Jurassic Park. No, it's not a dinosaur, but it just might have the stuff you need to create your own dinosaurs.

The Jurassic Park shaving cream cryo can that Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight) uses to steal dinosaur DNA from InGen is now available for pre-order from Chronicle Collectibles, and it looks even better than we thought it would. Check out the Jurassic Park shaving cream cryo can below.

Jurassic Park Shaving Cream Cryo Can

Here's the official description of the Jurassic Park shaving cream cryo can:

When engaging in corporate espionage, you need to have a fool proof plan. Especially when the company you are trying to steal from is genetics leader InGen. Fortunately, Dodgson, from rival company BioSyn, has planned accordingly. The result — a self-contained transport mechanism for 10 fertilized embryos, fully cooled* and compartmentalized inside, and encased within the innocuous facade of a common can of Barbasol™ shaving cream.

The device was a stroke of genius – a very real coup in the exciting world of corporate theft. And the plan was flawless. Sadly, Dodgson's man on the inside at InGen, the disgruntled Dennis Nedry, wasn't so flawless –The device was lost, along with all 10 embryos.

Or so the world thought. A team of artists from Chronicle Collectibles recently managed to gain access to this genuine artifact, which was somehow found and rescued from the InGen site before the island's destruction by volcanic eruption. All of the embryos were irretrievably lost, and the clever bit of the device that enabled it to emit actual shaving cream was damaged beyond recognition.  But the structure itself remained intact.

Emboldened by this unprecedented and unique access, those artists have successfully replicated the device's structure as an homage to the efforts of Dodgson's ingenious plan.

The Jurassic Park shaving cream cryo can has a mechanism that allows the chassis to pop open just as it does in the movie. The entire item is made out of aluminum and metal with a plastic cap, retro Barbasol label as it was in 1993, and 10 individually labeled dinosaur embryo housings. It was created with the actually screen-used prop from the Universal archives. The only downside is that the item doesn't dispense shaving cream or keep the embryos cool. So I guess we won't be committing espionage anytime soon.

If you want to order the Jurassic Park shaving cream cryo can, it will cost you $199.99. And the good news is Chronicle Collectibles has a payment plan that allows you to play $20 upfront and $18 a month for the next nine months after that. That's not bad at all.