'It Chapter Two' Trailer Sends In The Clowns

At last, the full It Chapter Two trailer is here, in all its terrifying glory. The Losers' Club is all grown up, but their childhood fears are waiting for them back home in Derry, Maine. Every 27 years, Pennywise the Clown resurfaces to feed, but this time, the Losers want to stop him once and for all. As you might guess, it won't be easy. Watch the It Chapter Two trailer below.

It Chapter Two Trailer 

I'm crazy excited for It Chapter Two, but I have to admit I've grown a bit weary of the teaser trailer. Seeing the nearly full Mrs. Kersh scene in teaser form was fun at first, but seeing it over, and over, and over again every time I went to the movies got a bit tiresome. So this new full trailer has arrived just in time! The first It was a wonderful surprise: a Stephen King adaptation that took King's story surprisingly seriously, and realized that what makes the master of horror's work so strong isn't just scares – it's a focus on character. It took the time to develop its young ensemble, and make us care about them.

Now, It Chapter Two will try to do the same thing with an older cast. James McAvoy is Bill, Jessica Chastain is Beverly, Bill Hader is Richie, Isaiah Mustafa plays Mike, Jay Ryan takes on the role of Ben, James Ransone is Eddie, and Andy Bean plays Stanley. But fans of the original cast need not worry, they're back too: Jaeden Martell as Bill, Wyatt Oleff as Stanley, Sophia Lillis as Beverly, Finn Wolfhard as Richie, Jeremy Ray Taylor as Ben, Chosen Jacobs as Mike, and Jack Dylan Grazer as Eddie. And of course, Bill Skarsgård is back once again as Pennywise the Clown.

Andy Muschietti directs from a screenplay by Gary Dauberman. We're in the midst of a Stephen King movie renaissance here – a renaissance that the first It helped ignite. That film was one of the biggest horror hits of all time, and fans can only hope It Chapter Two delivers as well.

It Chapter Two haunts theaters September 6, 2019.

Because every 27 years, evil revisits the town of Derry, Maine, It: Chapter Two brings the characters — who've long since gone their separate ways — back together as adults, nearly three decades after the events of the first film.

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