Theme Park Bits: Rise Of The Resistance, That Big Family Fight At Disneyland, And More

In this edition of Theme Park Bits:

  • Rise of the Resistance gets an opening date on both coasts.
  • That fighting family from Disneyland denies anything happened.
  • A new Pirates of the Caribbean themed frozen treat
  • And more!
  • The big news of the week is that we finally know when the second major attraction in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is opening. Yes, Rise of the Resistance has an opening date: December 5 in Walt Disney World and January 17 of next year in Disneyland. So, the good news: we know when this purportedly very long dark ride will open. The bad news, at least for anyone who wants to experience the full Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland, is that you have to wait until next year to do so.

    Colin Trevorrow Galaxy's Edge

    Let's talk briefly about the impact of Galaxy's Edge in Disneyland, too. You may have heard by now that Disneyland has seen surprisingly not-busy wait times over the last month or so. (The July 4 weekend was a rare exception, but historically, it's one of the busiest times the park ever experiences, Star Wars or not.) For guests, of course, this seems like nirvana — all the rides with a vastly lower wait time than you might think. There's been a downside for Cast Members, though, as reported at MiceChat.

    Disney's going through a hiring freeze, and also scaling back on their Lion King show (which, to note, they opened to tie in with the remake's release this month). They're also cutting their Red Car Trolley show in Disney California Adventure. The problem here doesn't lie with guests, of course. It's, at best, an issue where marketing was too successful — people really bought into the idea that the park would be swamped this summer. It's just unfortunate to see so much of the resort's charm be cut back in advance of likely crazy crowds in 2020.

    Disneyland has been in the news lately because of guests, and if you haven't already heard the story, it's a doozy. I still remember — and I kind of wish I didn't — going to Walt Disney World with my wife and, while waiting near Spaceship Earth, inadvertently being a spectator to a loud family argument. Such things happen, of course, but it's always uncomfortable to be on the sidelines for that kind of acrimonious event. Guests in Mickey's Toontown Fair earlier this month were on the sidelines for a legitimate fight, though, as videos like the one above (which, as you can tell from the screenshot, may feature some images that you find uncomfortable, so be warned) depicted. The family scuffle has turned odd, though, because the participants in the skirmish have told the Anaheim PD fight occurred. The eyes don't lie, though, so this is one case where Twitter videos may have come to the rescue.

    Takumi Gyuniku Artisan Beef from Takumi-Tei at Epcot

    Shifting over to the location of where I once oversaw adult men cruelly laughing at their teary-eyed mother (sincerely, it happened 11 years ago, and I wish I could forget it!), let's talk about something fun and hopefully delicious. Epcot boasts many wonders, and a good number of them are culinary. There's a new addition to the World Showcase half of the park in the Japan pavilion with Takumi-Tei. This signature table-service restaurant aims to better clarify Japanese culture to tourists who experience its prix-fixe or chef's table experience. The food looks delectable, from Wagyu beef to sushi, sashimi, and of course, sake.

    Redd's Revenge Dole Whip

    Let's close out today's Theme Park Bits with just a little bit more food. If you're here, you no doubt are aware of the most delectable Disney treat of all, the Dole Whip. And you may already know about the fierce pirate woman Redd, a new part of Pirates of the Caribbean. What if these elements combined? Disney's got you covered.

    Walt Disney World has a new Redd's Revenge Dole Whip, which has strawberry soft-serve, strawberry Fanta soda and a red-chocolate pirate hat. I hesitate to say that this sounds better than the original Dole Whip — you can't beat that pineapple soft-serve. But nothing wrong with a new flavor in the bunch.