Exclusive: Gabz Gives Captain America, Thor And Hulk New Art Prints In New Solo Gallery Show

The work of pop culture artist Gabz has paid tribute to some of our most favorite movies of all-time. Previously, he's tackled the original Star Wars trilogy and the Indiana Jones trilogy, both in the same style. But soon we'll get to see a variety of different prints from the artist.

Gabz (real name Grzegorz Domaradzki) is getting a solo gallery show from Bottleneck Gallery and Grey Matter Art titled I Am Gabz!. The collection of new prints includes "a wildly ambitious mixture or prints and detailed originals from pop culture touchstones that have personally affected him throughout his life." We're proud to debut a few of his new prints that pay tribute to Captain America, Thor and Hulk, three of the original Avengers. Get a look at some of the pieces in  the Gabz art gallery show below.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Gabz Art Gallery Show - Captain America: The First Avenger

First up, we have this outstanding print for Captain America: The First Avenger. The piece features Chris Evans looking heroic in the middle of the World War II battlefield. Tanks roll in from the left, planes soar in formation in the sky, and the tentacles of Hydra reach from the red fires of war. It's a stunning composition, and the good news is you'll have an easy time getting a hold of it.

This regular version of the print (above) is a timed edition that will go on sale for $50 starting Thursday, July 11th at 12pm ET and lasting through July 14th at 11:59pm ET. The number of prints sold will be the number that is printed. But if you're looking for something more exclusive, Bottleneck Gallery has you covered with two different variants.

First, there's the Freedom variant (left) with an edition of 300 that will cost $70. It's a 12-color screen print on Mohawk Cream paper measuring 24x36 inches. It has a more vintage photo feel to it with less bright colors, and it'll be on sale online at the same time as the timed edition.

Then we have the Courage variant (right) going full black and white on Neenah Antique Gray paper. That one has an edition of just 100 and will cost you $75. It's an 8-color screen print measuring 24x36 inches. However, this one won't be available online immediately. It will first be on sale at the actual show opening at Bottleneck Gallery (60 Broadway in Brooklyn) on Friday, July 12 from 6pm to 9pm ET, and then leftovers will go on sale online sometime later. But wait, there's more.

Thor vs Hulk Portraits

Thor: Ragnarok inspired these two versus prints featuring Thor, the god of thunder, and Hulk, the smasher of things. There are two different versions of each print. The regular versions (top) are giclees on Somerset Velvet that measure 18x24 inches and each have an edition of 275 and will cost you $45. Meanwhile, the variants (bottom) are giclees on Somerset Velvet that have an edition of 75, measure 13x19 inches, and cost $60 each. But these won't be so easy to get.

All of the Thor vs Hulk portraits by Gabz will first be made available at the Gabz gallery show. If there are any leftovers, they'll be sold through Grey Matter Art's online shop. The gallery show will have plenty more prints on sale, including some originals that will be much more rare and expensive. Thankfully, the gallery show is employing a lottery system so you don't have to camp out for a chance to get something.

Here are a few other prints that Bottleneck Gallery sent over to our pal Germain Lussier to debut at io9:

This Alien print comes in both a regular version (left) and a variant. Both are 24x36 screen prints, but the regular version has an edition of 300 that will cost $50 while the variant has an edition of 200 and costs $70.

But you might want to save your money for a new set of Star Wars trilogy posters that will be on sale at the show:

Gabz Art Gallery Show - Star Wars TrilogyGabz Art Gallery Show - Star Wars Trilogy

These are two three-print sets that were created in an official partnership with Lucasfilm and Acme Archives. The regular versions (top) are giclees that each measure 18x24 inches, have an edition of 100, and will cost you $50 each or $145 for a matching set. Meanwhile, the black and white variants measure 13x19 inches and will will cost you $60 each or $175 for a matching set.

Next up, Gabz has created a new three-print set to commemorate the original Star Wars trilogy in partnership with Lucasfilm and Acme Archives. The regulars are 18x24 inch giclées in an edition of 350. They're $50 each or $145 for a matching set.

So head over to the Bottleneck Gallery to get your hands on some prints this weekend, or stay tuned to their website for when those that will be available online go on sale.