Sarah Paulson Will Sit Out 'American Horror Story' For The First Time In 8 Seasons

Sarah Paulson has been freed from the cursed box that Ryan Murphy has kept her in for eight years. For the first time since season 1 of the FX horror anthology series hit the airwaves in 2011, Paulson won't be appearing in a significant role in American Horror Story

The ninth season of the series, titled American Horror Story: 1984 is slowly losing its iron grip on the Murphy regulars. On the heels of fellow series mainstay Evan Peters announcing that he would not star in season 9 of American Horror Story, Variety reports that Sarah Paulson will not appear in a significant role in American Horror Story: 1984. However, this doesn't rule out Paulson appearing in a cameo or supporting role in the season.

Paulson is a longtime collaborator with Murphy, appearing in all eight preceding series of the writer-director-producer's hit horror anthology series and starring in the first season of Murphy's anthology series American Crime Story, the latter of which earned her an Emmy Award. Paulson has played a major role in each season of American Horror Story, apart from Season 1, in which she was played a recurring character who appeared in only three episodes. But all that screaming hasn't been for nought — Paulson has earned widespread acclaim for her work as a scream queen in American Horror Story, picking up five Emmy nominations over the past eight years.

But it seems like Murphy and co. are changing things up for American Horror Story: 1984, as the only series regular confirmed to appear in the season so far is Emma Roberts. Gus Kenworthy was also announced to appear in the season. Little is known of the plot so far, but Murphy released a teaser stylized like an '80s slasher flick. The series has been renewed through season 10, despite Murphy exiting his 20th Century Fox arrangement for a lucrative deal with Netflix, with the 10th season expected to air in 2020.

American Horror Story: 1984 is set to premiere on FX on September 18, 2019.