'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Box Office Sets New Records, 'Midsommar' Has Biggest Indie Opening Of The Year

Marvel and Sony's release of Spider-Man: Far From Home had no problem taking over the box office this past weekend. But rather than having a gigantic three-day weekend, the blockbuster release spread out the box office love across the holiday week thanks to an early opening on July 2. That allowed the movie to break several records that Avengers: Endgame was not able to shatter.

Meanwhile, on the indie side of things, A24's release of the cult horror movie Midsommar debuted with the biggest indie opening of the year despite arriving outside of the top five on the box office chart. 

Box Office Mojo has the Spider-Man Far From Home box office raking in $91 million before the weekend even started. That includes the largest Tuesday opening day ever. Once the weekend officially started, the three-day weekend pulled in another $93.6 million for a six-day total of $185 million. That's enough to give the movie the largest six-day opening for a Tuesday debut. That's all surely helped by the fact that Spider-Man: Far From Home had the second widest opening ever, playing at 4,634 locations around the United States.

Holding strong in the #2 spot, Disney and Pixar's Toy Story 4 added another $34.4 million to its total, pushing the domestic haul up to $306.6 million. That's another major milestone for the Pixar sequel, though it could be the last one. With The Lion King on the horizon and Spider-Man: Far From Home getting more attention, Toy Story 4 may not make it up to $400 million. But even so, with a global total of $650 million, the film is a great success for the House of Mouse.

In the #3 spot, the Beatles-inspired romantic comedy Yesterday had an impressive second weekend showing. Unlike the major box office drop that blockbusters usually incur, Yesterday only fell 37% with $10.75 million. The movie has only made $36.8 million in the US so far, but considering what the movie has been up against this summer, that's not a bad haul at all.

Annabelle Comes Home wasn't quite as lucky in the #4 spot. The movie dropped 52% in its second weekend, but it's still made $50 million after nearly two weeks in theaters (the movie opened earlier in the week for its first weekend). Overseas, The Conjuring spin-off also added $20 million, bringing the global total to $135 million.

Still sticking around the top five is Disney's remake of Aladdin, which rounded up another $7.6 million in ticket sales. Domestically, the movie sits at $320 million, and the international numbers add up to $600 million. That's enough for the movie to have crossed the $900 million global mark over the holiday weekend, bringing the final tally to $921 million.

Finally, A24 didn't walk away with a boatload of cash with the release of Midsommar, but the film still enjoyed a remarkable indie opening. The film made $6.56 million across the three-day weekend and a total of $11 million for the five-day holiday weekend. Undoubtedly keeping the movie from being a bigger hit is audience trepidation, especially with the "C+" CinemaScore it landed from opening day audiences. But that's to be expected for an A24 horror movie.

Oh, and if you're still on Avengers: Endgame box office watch, the movie now sits at $2.776 billion worldwide, which is just $12 million shy of Avatar's record-holding total of $2.788 billion. The chances still seem slim, but there's a possibility that Avengers: Endgame could still top James Cameron's juggernaut. If Marvel Studios struck some kind of double feature deal with Sony to pair Avengers: Endgame with Spider-Man: Far From Home, maybe that would do the trick. But we're not sure if that's something the studio is considering or not.

Next weekend will see the release of Stuber, Crawl and The Farewell, which likely means Spider-Man: Far From Home will have no problem holding on to the top spot. Will one of the major releases take the #2 spot, or will Toy Story 4 stay strong? We'll find out next week.