Apple TV+ Shows Won't Be As G-Rated As Previously Reported

Not so fast, Puritans! Early reports that the Apple streaming service Apple TV+ would only feature family-friendly fare might not be so accurate after all. An Apple VP has attempted to set the record straight by confirming that some original shows on the service will, indeed, be geared towards adults. Just how adult will things get? You probably shouldn't expect anything in the NC-17 range, but at the very least, some of these shows are going to have naughty language. So lock up the kids!

Last year, a story broke stating that Apple's upcoming streaming service would be extremely family friendly. Sources claimed that Tim Cook and company were aghast at the darkness and violence apparent in certain shows, and ordered everything to be toned-down and made more palatable to G-rated audiences. In fact, one show, Vital Signs, based on the life of Dr. Dre, was canned entirely due to its adult content:

The show, a dark, semi-biographical tale of hip hop artist Dr. Dre, featured characters doing lines of cocaine, an extended orgy in a mansion and drawn guns.

It's too violent, Mr. Cook told Apple Music executive Jimmy Iovine, said people familiar with Apple's entertainment plans. Apple can't show this.

Across Hollywood and inside Apple, the show has become emblematic of the challenges faced by the technology giant as it pushes into entertainment. Apple earmarked $1 billion for Hollywood programming last year. But in the tone CEO Mr. Cook has set for it, whatever Apple produces mustn't taint a pristine brand image that has helped the company collect 80% of the profits in the global smartphone market

But reports of watered-down content at Apple TV+ might not be entirely accurate. Speaking with British GQ, Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president of internet software and services, said that there's plenty of adult content coming our way. Cue listed The Morning Show, starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, as a prime example, stating that "some of the issues that happen to them are definitely not appropriate for you to watch with an eight-year-old." When pressed to explain more, Cue cited the show's language as being adult-driven. So get ready for some cuss-words!

Cue added that Apple is "ultimately trying to create shows for everyone. So we have shows that are dedicated to small kids. And we have shows that are dedicated to mature adults. So we're going to do a lot of different shows and what we're going to do is hopefully create the best shows on TV."

The VP also said that rumors of Tim Cook getting involved and ordering things to be cleaned-up were false. "I can assure you that was 100 per cent false," said Cue. Whether or not Apple TV+ can thrive in an increasingly crowded streaming landscape remains to be seen, but at least we can all take comfort knowing that characters on the original shows will be cursing like sailors.