Watch A Teaser For Aziz Ansari's New Netflix Comedy Special, Directed By Spike Jonze

Aziz Ansari is coming back to Netflix. While you might be wishing it was with a new season of Master of None, it's actually for his fifth stand-up comedy special, Aziz Ansari: Right Now. The special was shot during his Brooklyn performances during the "Road to Nowhere" international tour that he's been on, and it has filmmaker Spike Jonze as director. Watch the Aziz Ansari Right Now trailer below for a taste of his new act.

Aziz Ansari Right Now Trailer

This will be Aziz Ansari's third Netflix special following Live at Madison Square Garden (which Ansari directed himself), and Buried Alive, which was directed by Shut Up and Play the Hits directors Will Lovelace and Dylan Southern. As for Ansari's first two stand-up specials, Dangerously Delicious and Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening, those were directed by veteran comedy director Jason Woliner.

Having Spike Jonze direct your comedy special is certainly a step up, but every now and then comedians decide they want to team up with filmmakers to give their specials a little extra style. That's why Adam Sandler had Paul Thomas Anderson work on some pieces of his Netflix stand-up special 100% Fresh. Jonze's filmmaking eye clearly shines in this teaser, which is mostly just footage of Ansari waiting to go on stage, but will it have a presence beyond that once he actually starts telling jokes?

It remains to be seen if Ansari is still a hot commodity for Netflix after he stumbled into some controversy in 2018 after an article detailing an attempted and hotly debated sexual encounter surfaced at The allegations surfaced during the rise of the #MeToo movement, but it wasn't quite as clearcut of a case of sexual misconduct as perpetrators like Louis CK were accused of. The situation was the topic of much discussion and scrutiny, and apparently it's something that Ansari addressed while on this current tour, and there's a good chance it will end up in this special.

With no material of the actual stand-up part of the show in this teaser, it's hard to know what we'll get. But the teaser makes it feel like a mature comedy special where Ansari might get more personal than he has in previous stand-up sets. There have been some images of Ansari bringing out his father for a bit during this tour, so perhaps we'll see that happen in this special too. We'll find out next week.

Azizi Ansari: Right Now will hit Netflix on July 9, 2019.