Theme Park Bits: D23 Merch, A Disneyland Bridge, And More

In this edition of Theme Park Bits:

  • There's unique D23 2019 merchandise coming soon.
  • A new bridge is coming to Disneyland.
  • Disney World's Halloween Party just got a little Cruella.
  • And more!
  • Disney fans likely are already prepared for the upcoming D23 Expo in August in Anaheim, California. (Either you're prepared to attend or, like me, you're prepared to be jealous of everyone who's able to attend.) Whether you're there in person or just watching along online, though, there's going to be exclusive Expo merchandise tied to both the event and various characters/titles being highlighted. From the ShopDisney website to a pop-up version of Mickey's of Glendale (the Walt Disney Imagineering store), and featuring everything from Silly Symphonies to Marvel gear, there's plenty of ways for you to lighten your wallet while attending. Better make room in your suitcase for all this merch.

    Sometimes, things happen quickly at the Disneyland Resort. For example, a brand-new pedestrian bridge connecting the Pixar Pals parking structure to the rest of the resort was installed over one night recently. It all won't be fully available for use until September, making the trek easier for guests from parking to the Downtown Disney area and then the parks beyond. But this bridge — despite perhaps being a bit of an eyesore — will make pedestrian traffic near the parking structure a lot simpler and safer.

    Meats and Cheeses from Cruella's Halloween Hide-a-Way at Tony's Town Square Restaurant

    We're a few months away from the summer being over, but that doesn't mean you can't get into the Halloween spirit of planning now. Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World is offering a brand-new event at Tony's Town Square Restaurant you can begin planning to attend, especially if you're in a...spotty mood. Because, you see, it's themed to 101 Dalmatians, called Cruella's Halloween Hide-A-Way. At the nighttime hangout, you can get some fancy appetizers like those pictured above, enjoy spooky theming, and get exclusive seats to the super-late Halloween nighttime show. So grab your Kanine Krunchies and book your spot (for $99) now.

    Mix Tart strawberry-filled shortbread cookie

    Speaking of eats, let's shift over to Epcot to talk about some exclusive food and drink options you can find in conjunction with the summertime return of "Guardians of the Galaxy–Awesome Mix Live!" These options are both in the American pavilion, at the Liberty Inn and the Fife and Drum Tavern, and though they may have intergalactic names, don't worry, they're clearly American fare. There's a colorful slushie, a rich-looking chocolate cake, and a delectable pulled pork sandwich, all tying into the Guardians theme. No better way to enjoy a show than with awesome food options like these.

    We'll close out today's column with just a bit more in the vein of good eats. Over at Universal Studios Hollywood, they're going through a bit of an overhaul of their Jurassic Park section, to theme it to the not-remotely-as-entertaining Jurassic World movies. (But that's a separate discussion.) As captured by the Inside Universal Twitter account in the photo above, one of the new additions is a tropical-themed bar called the Isla Nu-Bar. The pun is a bit of a groaner, but the drink menu, with cocktails, margaritas, and more, sounds like a great way to chill out as dinosaurs overtake the park near you.