'Blade Runner 2019' Trailer: The Prequel Comic Follows A Female Blade Runner

It's time to return to the neon-drenched world of futuristic LA — except it's not quite the future. In an alternate 2019, where Replicants roam and Blade Runners hunt down the bio-engineered synthetic humans, a veteran female Blader Runner takes the spotlight in the upcoming Blade Runner 2019 prequel comic. The comic book title, which is the first in a series of projects created with Alcon Entertainment, is the latest piece of media to fill in the gaps between Ridley Scott's original Blade Runner and Denis Villeneuve's 2017 sequel, Blade Runner 2049. Watch the Blade Runner 2019 trailer advertising the new comic book title below.

Blade Runner 2019 Trailer

The Hollywood Reporter debuted the Blade Runner 2019 trailer previewing a few pages of the 12-issue comic book series, the first in a series of projects set in the world of the Replicants. Under Titan Comics, the series is written by Blade Runner 2049 screenwriter Michael Green and long-term collaborator Mike Johnson and follows a veteran Blade Runner named Ash who "takes on a new case: the search for the missing family of a billionaire with connections to the Tyrells, whose disappearance may be connected to rogue Replicants."Andres Guinaldo illustrates the series, with the cover art for the first issue coming from Guinaldo, John Royle, Syd Mead and Artgerm. See Artgerm's cover below, and head to THR for the previews of the first few pages.

It's exciting to see the team behind Blade Runner 2049 continue to flesh out the rich world of the Replicants, despite the disappointing box office performance of Villeneuve's exquisite film. In the lead-up to Blade Runner 2049's release, some of the most ambitious and intriguing of content were being created to build out the world created by Ridley Scott, including a visually stunning anime short film from Cowboy Bebop director Shinichiro Watanabe that rivaled some of the most beautiful animes out there today.

While general audiences may not be eager to dive back into this complicated, challenging world, these alternate media projects show that there is still an audience who want to follow the adventures of the titular Blade Runners, whether through comics, anime, or short films.

Blade Runner 2019 will launch July 17, 2019.