Extended 'Stranger Things' New Coke Ad Teases Steve And Dustin's Season 3 Friendship

Nothing's more refreshing than cracking open a cold Coke — apart, perhaps, from Steve and Dustin's unlikely friendship in Stranger ThingsAnd this extended Stranger Things New Coke ad delivers on both of those things, giving a glimpse at the duo's hilarious season 3 dynamic as they bicker over girls and the right way to eat popcorn. Yes, it's blatant product placement posing as viral marketing, but you can't help but love these two. Watch the extended Stranger Things New Coke ad below.

Extended Stranger Things New Coke Ad

When Steve Harrington was first introduced in Stranger Things, all glorious bouffant hair and dreamy eyes, no one could anticipate Joe Keery's popular jock bully becoming the fan-favorite of the series. That turn can be attributed to his super cool bat skills, but also his unexpected friendship with Gaten Matarazzo's awkward Dustin, who brought out Steve's nerdier side.

So it's no wonder that Netflix decided to double down on the Steve and Dustin friendship in their extended New Coke ad, which applies a fuzzy '80s TV filter to scenes from the series and follows Steve buying a New Coke for his movie date. Turns out that date is Dustin, who thwarts Steve's attempts to flirt with the girl sitting next to him. It's a fun little scene which may or may not appear in the series itself, but definitely works to get us excited for Stranger Things 3.

Watch the original 30-second ad below, which has significantly less Steve and Dustin bickering (to its detriment):

Winona RyderDavid HarbourFinn WolfhardMillie Bobby BrownGaten MatarazzoCaleb McLaughlinNoah SchnappSadie SinkNatalia DyerCharlie HeatonJoe KeeryDacre Montgomery, and Cara Buono reprise their roles in Stranger Things 3, with new additions Maya HawkeCary ElwesJake Busey, and Francesca Reale joining as well.

Stranger Things season 3 hits Netflix on July 4, 2019.

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