Hear A Rejected 'A Star Is Born' Song By Father John Misty

Remember A Star Is Born? The movie we all thought was going to sweep the Oscars, only to be upstaged by stuff like Green Book? It turns out the Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga musical had a rejected song from none other than the prolific Father John Misty, aka Josh Tillman. While the song didn't make it into the film, the artist gave fans a chance to hear it last Friday when he played it live. If you didn't happen to be in the crowd at that particular  Minneapolis show and still want to feast your ears on the result, worry not: you can hear the rejected Star is Born song below.

Rejected A Star Is Born Song

I want to go on the record here and say I am very pro-A Star Is Born. I'm not particularly interested in awards season shenanigans, but I really do think Bradley Cooper's directorial debut got the shaft last year. It's an emotional saga featuring two remarkable performances: Lady Gaga proves she's a movie star, and Cooper gives perhaps the best performance of his career (yes, even better than Midnight Meat Train). And yes, the songs in the film were pretty damn good, too.

One song that didn't make the cut, though, is one you can hear above via Vulture, performed by Father John Misty at a concert in Minneapolis on Friday (the song starts at 1:20:00). One can safely assume this would've been one of the tunes performed by Cooper's character, Jackson Maine, since this is the type of music the (fictional) rock star was fond of in the film.

Father John Misty doesn't seem particularly broken up about the song not making it into the final film. "That would've sucked," he says after playing the song. "I've seen that movie. There's really no place in that movie for that song, unless he was bombing at Coachella or something. The sequel? Now we're talking."

While we're on the subject of the film, here's a little heads-up from me to you: A Star Is Born is currently streaming on HBO Go and HBO Now. It's worth watching! Or re-watching! Whichever.