'All That' Is Back: Watch The Return Of 'Good Burger' And Lori Beth Denberg's Loud Librarian

A little while back, we heard that a revival of the Nickelodeon sketch comedy show All That would be coming later this year, executive produced by veteran cast member and current Saturday Night Live star Kenan Thompson. Well, the All That revival finally debuts on Nickelodeon on June 15 at 8:30pm ET, and a couple sketches from the show's return have arrived online.

Fresh out the box, All That reaches back into the past for a bit of nostalgia by bringing back Kel Mitchell as dimwitted Good Burger employee Ed. He's joined by special guests The Jonas Brothers, and of course their order doesn't go as smoothly as they'd like. But Good Burger isn't the only returning sketch from the 1990s. Lori Beth Denberg returns as the loud librarian who wants everyone to keep quiet but is always the loudest one in the room. Watch the new All That sketches below.

Since Good Burger was undoubtedly the most popular sketch from All That, sparking Nickelodeon's first feature film and a pop-up restaurant opening soon in West Hollywood, of course this is one of the first sketches trumpeting the return of the series. Kel Mitchell hasn't lost a beat when it comes to play this dense fast food employee. The jokes are childish, but that's the idea.

The Jonas Brothers continue the trend of bringing in celebrity guest stars every now and then, just like Saturday Night Live. After getting their order messed up, the trio takes an interest in Ed's signature song "We're All Dudes," and they want to use it for their next single. But The Jonas Brothers better talk with their lawyers first, because Less Than Jake already turned that into a real song.

Next up, another legacy cast member returns as a character from the original show. Lori Beth Denberg is probably best known for the Vital Information she provided in Weekend Update-style, nonsensical excerpts during episodes of All That. But this is probably the next character that is best known from her roster.

She's a librarian who keeps telling everyone to be quiet in the loudest way possible, and she keeps doing loud, obnoxious things herself, like clipping her toenails and making popcorn. It's a one-note joke, but that's how a lot of sketches were on All That. After all, this is a sketch show for kids.

Even though you recognize Kel Mitchell and Lori Beth Denberg, you're probably wondering who the new kids are who make up the new cast of All That. Well, thankfully, the updated theme song (with intro by Kenan Thompson himself) introduces you to the newcomers: