Theme Park Bits: Marvel Land Permits, Star Wars Bounding, And More

In this edition of Theme Park Bits:

  • Disney is officially expanding with a new Marvel land.
  • Upscale burgers are on their way at the Animal Kingdom.
  • Learn how to best dress up at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.
  • And more!
  • It should come as no surprise to anyone reading this, but with Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge officially opened at Disneyland, and receiving largely positive reviews, Disney has officially filed permits to expand even more. At Disney California Adventure, that is, with their Marvel land. The permits in question focus not on rides but what would be around those rides, from a merchandise outlet potentially themed to Spider-Man, a microbrewery, and more. The Marvel land was already going to happen – how could it not? – but these permits just make it all the more confirmed. DCA is about to get super.

    Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

    Speaking of Galaxy's Edge, there's been a bit of a kerfuffle among fans based on Disney's guidelines for what you can and can't wear in terms of Star Wars-related gear. (Disney's basic policy is that you can't dress up as a character, if you are not...paid to play that character in the park.) But "bounding" – in which guests dress in specific styles that suggest a character without being an actual costume – changes things, which explains this recent update to the policy. No doubt, Disney is going to have to keep refining things – they're asking guests to immerse themselves in this new land, but then adding costume restrictions, which seems odd. At least this is a start for all you bounders.

    But hey, it's not just Disneyland that's opening new rides. Universal Studios is getting in on the fun too, with the unveiling of Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. (Say that ten times fast.) With the ride opening this week, the Universal Studios blog is letting you know about the best way to maximize your experience if you're there for the ride's first couple days. The simplest way to experience the ride seems to be preparing for longer lines than usual, and making sure you've got their mobile app so you can queue up virtually instead of physically. That'll give you time to say the name of the ride ten times fast.

    Restaurantosaurus Burgers and Sundaes at Disney's Animal Kingdom

    Heading over to Disney's Animal Kingdom, one of the park's counter-service restaurants, Restaurantosaurus, is getting a bit of a fast-casual makeover. Per the article here, there are going to be some gourmet burgers available on select nights to park guests, starting on August 18. Plus, if that's enough, there will be some specialty sundaes — few things make the late summer sound better than having a burger and some ostentatious ice cream.

    Over at the Disneyland Resort, the run-up to the animated remake of The Lion King is going at full pace. Disney California Adventure has just unveiled a new piece of live entertainment called Tale of the Lion King. The show, which you can catch over in the Paradise Park area near the Little Mermaid attraction, is designed to celebrate the characters and music of the 1994 film in "a unique way". From the photos here, there's not the level of costuming on display in the Broadway show, but still a fresh approach to reviving the songs and stories in the film.