'Game Of Thrones' To Celebrate Its Legacy With A Hall H Panel At This Year's San Diego Comic-Con

Even though Warner Bros. and DC Films will be sitting out San Diego Comic-Con this year for the first time in several years, that doesn't mean that every single WarnerMedia property is staying away from Hall H. A new report says that in the wake of its final season finale, HBO's Game of Thrones will return to the convention center for the first time in two years. But will the panelists encounter cheering fans, or an angry mob who was pissed off about the final season?

Deadline reports that Game of Thrones "looks certain to be returning to Comic-Con's Hall H" in July for the first time since 2017. Discussions between HBO and Comic-Con organizers are reportedly in the final stages, but it's still unclear which cast members might be taking the stage in front of fans at the convention. (Deadline notes it "does seem likely" that Kit Harington, the man who played Jon Snow, will be there, because he's nearing the end of his time at a wellness center; he apparently checked himself in for "stress and alcohol use ahead of the show's ending.")Emilia Clarke's Daenerys Targaryen went mad in the final season of Game of Thrones, but huge swaths of the show's fandom got mad as they watched the action unfold during the last batch of episodes. This was the biggest series in the world so a divisive ending was to be expected, and even though I wish showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss hadn't have shortened the last two seasons, I found the overall experience to be well worth the relatively bumpy ending. (Jacob Hall and I reviewed the final season for /Film, and it seems as if we enjoyed it more than most.)

While several actors will probably show up to celebrate the show's legacy, the likelihood of Benioff and Weiss appearing at Comic-Con seems extremely low to me. After all, here's how they previously described how they were going to spend their time when the series finale was airing:

Weiss: "We'll in an undisclosed location, turning off our phones and opening various bottles. At some point, if and when it's safe to come out again, somebody like [HBO's GOT publicist] will give us a breakdown of what was out there without us having to actually experience it."

Benioff: "I plan to be very drunk and very far from the internet."

Meanwhile, Deadline says author George R.R. Martin "is anticipated to appear in one form or another." And as entertaining as it might be to see Martin take the stage cosplaying one of the characters he concocted in his book series, the wording here makes it seem like he may actually just Skype into Hall H from home. Maybe he's working on The Winds of Winter? Nah!