Marvel's 'Loki' Series First Look Takes Tom Hiddleston Back To The 1970s

Disney+ won't debut until this November, but we've got a first look at one of the shows Marvel Studios is making for the streaming subscription service.

You might remember last night there was a Disney investor meeting in April where some details about the new Marvel Studios shows coming to Disney+ were discussed. During that meeting, the logo for the Marvel Loki series and a piece of concept art from the show. That was initially only for the eyes of Disney's investors, but now an image from the event has revealed Kevin Feige standing in front of the Loki series first look, and you can check it out below.

Loki Series First Look

Loki Series First LookKevin Feige is in focus, but behind him is the concept art from the Loki series, and you'll notice that Tom Hiddleston is not on Asgard or any location that he's been before. In fact, judging by the Jaws marquee in the background, it looks like he's in 1975 (though he could be in 1976 too since movies were in theaters for a long time in those days). Plus, we're not even sure if he's in the United States or not, and since Jaws didn't open in Great Britain until December of 1975, it could easily be the following year over there.

The rest of the imagery (via Disney) is clearly 1970s style, from the fashion to the cars. But what is Loki doing there? There aren't any significant moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that happened in the mid-1970s. Tony Stark and Steve Rogers travel back to 1970 in Avengers: Endgame after Loki steals the Time Stone and escapes with it during the Battle of New York in 2012, but that doesn't give us a reason for Loki to be in 1975 or later.

Previously we heard the Loki series would take the character back to certain moments in human history "as an unlikely influencer on historical events." Could Loki be the reason Jaws becomes a blockbuster sensation? Could he be the reason the Vietnam War comes to a close? Does he give Lorne Michaels the idea for Saturday Night Live? Maybe he convinces Sony to release Betamax tapes as a joke so that VHS can flourish. We don't know! The possibilities are endless.

All kidding aside, this does make us wonder exactly what Loki will be doing throughout this series. He might be influencing events in human history while traversing through time, but what is he trying to accomplish for himself? Loki doesn't do anything unless he somehow benefits from it, so there has to be something more at play here. Hopefully we'll hear more soon.