'Gilded Rage': Bill Skarsgard Teams With 'The One I Love' Director For A True Crime Story

After he gets done trying to kill the Losers' Club as Pennywise in It Chapter Two, Bill Skarsgard is going to set his sights on another victim in Gilded Rage. The true crime movie comes from The One I Love director Charlie McDowell, and tells the true story of the death of hedge-fund manager Thomas Gilbert Sr. Gilbert's death was originally ruled a suicide before an investigation ruled it murder. Gilbert's son Thomas Gilbert Jr. – the part Skarsgard will play – was arrested for the crime. More on Gilded Rage below.

Variety reports Bill Skarsgard will star in Gilded Rage, adapted from a Vanity Fair article by Benjamin Wallace, based on the true story of Thomas Gilbert Sr., and his son, Thomas Gilbert Jr. Gilbert Sr., a wealthy hedge-fund manager, was found dead in January of this year with a bullet in his head. The death initially seemed like a suicide, but that changed quickly, and soon Gilbert the younger was a suspect. Here's an excerpt from Wallace's story:

On January 4, Tommy Gilbert went to his parents' apartment building at 20 Beekman Place, took the elevator to the eighth floor, and persuaded his mother to go out and buy him a sandwich. He wanted to speak with his father, who just an hour earlier had played doubles at the River Club. Shortly after, neighbors heard a gunshot, and his mother, returning to the apartment because of what she reportedly told police was "a bad feeling," found her husband in their bedroom, on his back between the bed and the wall near the windows, dead with a single bullet hole in his head and his hand clasping a .40-caliber Glock pistol on his chest. Police believed this to have been an attempt to stage the scene as a suicide, and when they arrested Tommy Gilbert late that night, after breaking down the door of his Chelsea apartment, they found a disturbing collection of items, including hollow-point bullets, a red-dot laser gunsight, handcuffs, and a credit-card-skimming device along with 21 blank white credit cards.

Gilbert Jr. is currently awaiting trial, and maintains his innocence. Charlie McDowell, who directed the fascinating yet under-seen indie film The One I Love, is set to helm. He also co-wrote the script with Max Frye and Justin Lader. While I wonder if Skarsgard can ever break out of playing weirdos and killers at this point in his career, this sounds like the perfect role for him to sink his teeth into.