'Us' Behind-The-Scenes Clips Explore The Secrets Of Jordan Peele's Latest Horror Film

Jordan Peele's Us was a film that many viewers spent countless hours trying to dissect. Peele employed symbolism, mystery, and more to create one of the year's most unique films – the type of movie people can get downright obsessive about. Us is now on digital and headed to Blu-ray later this month, bringing with it several special features. In three Us behind-the-scenes clips below, Peele breaks down some of the film's many secrets. Beware of spoilers if you still haven't seen this movie yet.

Us: Privilege 

I was really hoping the Us Blu-ray would come with a commentary track from director Jordan Peele. After all, it seems like the perfect movie for that. Alas, the home video release is void of commentary. But it does have some behind-the-scenes featurettes where Peele unlocks some of the film's many mysteries. Three of these featurettes have made their way online. First up: "Privilege", in which Peele says, "One of the central themes in Us is that we can do a good job ignoring the central ramifications of privilege. I think it's the idea that what we feel like we deserve comes at the expense of someone else's freedom, or joy." Peele goes on to say that the film's Tethered – doubles of everyone on the surface world, living underground – present two sides of the same coin.

Us: Duality and Family 

Next, Peele focuses on what he calls the "American duality." "On the one hand it's a beautiful thing," Peele says, regarding the "Hands Across America" event from the 1980s. "The illusion that we're contributing to something making actual change, as opposed to something that makes us feel better, and absolves us of our responsibility to enact actual change." Peele also adds that he thought of the Wilson family in archetypal terms – the Leader, the Warrior, the Fool, the Magician – something I hadn't even considered while watching the film, and now I feel dumb.

Us: Doppelgangers

Finally, in "Doppelgangers", Peele mentions how the idea for the film came from a "deep-seated fear of doppelgangers," and his desire to contribute to the "pantheon of 'double' films."

These features and more will be included on the home media release. Us is now available on Digital and coming to 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD on June 18. The full list of special features is below.


  • The Duality of US - Jordan Peele goes in-depth on some of the key themes and imagery in US – including 
  • Doppelgängers, Hands Across America, The Nutcracker dance scene, rabbits and the infamous 11:11 coincidence.

  • The Monsters Within US - Examine how the great cast were able to find their characters, whether they were playing one of the Wilsons or their sinister doppelgängers.
  • Tethered Together: Making US Twice - Making of a movie is hard. Making a movie where all the main cast play dual roles can be downright mind-bending. In this piece, filmmakers, cast, and crew discuss some of the technical challenges to making the film, as well as some of the design choices for the characters.
  • Redefining a Genre: Jordan Peele's Brand of Horror - In the space of two films, Jordan Peele has set himself apart as an invaluable artistic voice. Hear cast and filmmakers highlight what makes him so unique, as well as Jordan's own thoughts on his inspirations and the relationship between horror and comedy.
  • Becoming Red - Using behind-the-scenes footage from between takes, we take a closer look at Lupita Nyong'o's intense and mesmerizing performance as "Red."
  • Deleted Scenes
  • I Am Not Even Near You
  • Rabbit Season
  • That's Badass
  • Driftwood
  • The P is Silent
  • I Wanna Go Home
  • We're All Dying – Hilarious outtakes from the conversation between Winston Duke and Tim Heidecker on the beach.
  • As Above, So Below: Grand Pas de Deux - An extended version of the dance sequence from the film, cutting between adolescent Adelaide at her recital to Red in the Underpass.