This Swiss Theater Replaced Its Seats With Beds, Changes Sheets After Every Screening

Two wonderful things – being in bed and watching movies – are joining forces at a movie theater in Switzerland. Cinema Pathé has set up a "VIP bedroom" theater, replacing boring old movie theater chairs with big comfy beds. And don't worry: they change the sheets after each screening. But is this a good idea? Or will horny Swiss teens flock to the theater to get it on while Men In Black: International plays in the background?

According to Travel and Leisure, you can now watch movies in bed at a movie theater in Switzerland. Here's the lowdown:

The beds come equipped with two pillows and an electronically adjustable headrest. Guests can put on a pair of slippers and sip wine from the bedside table. Food options include popcorn, waffles, crepes and hot dogs.

Ah yes, who wouldn't want to climb in bed and eat a hot dog in public? What could go wrong? "The offer is unique in Switzerland," said Venanzio Di Bacco, CEO of Pathé. "But we tested the concept abroad and had no problems so far."

I suppose this isn't the worst idea ever. Watching a movie in bed can be quite home. It's the whole public aspect that makes this a bit strange. And then there's the concern that horn-dogs from across the land will end up knocking boots in the theater beds. But Di Bacco told the Swiss publication 20 Minuten that he's pretty sure the theater won't turn into an "immoral" place.

"We want to offer both existing and new customers something innovative," Di Bacco added. All of this sounds fine, but can it compete with that film festival that screened a movie for people inside coffins? I think not. In any case, if you want to take advantage of this perk, you'll have to head to Spreitenbach, Switzerland. You'll also have to plunk down about $48, which really isn't that much more expensive than going to the movies in the U.S. at this point – and we don't even get public beds to climb into. Rip off!