'A Quiet Place 2' Adds Brian Tyree Henry, As All Films Should

Brian Tyree Henry is a great actor, and should be in all the movies. Thankfully, filmmakers seem to agree with this. The Atlanta actor, who will be seen in both Child's Play and Joker this year, has just joined the Quiet Place 2 cast alongside returning cast members Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe, and new addition Cillian Murphy. John Krasinski is back to direct as well.The Wrap is reporting that Brian Tyree Henry is in negotiations to join the cast of A Quiet Place 2, the sequel to the 2018 horror hit. There's absolutely no info regarding the plot of the new film, so we have no idea who Henry is playing. The first A Quiet Place focused on a family – played by Krasinski, Blunt, Simmonds, and Jupe – struggling to survive in a world where aliens drawn by sound have wiped out most of the earth's population. The film was a pleasant surprise, revealing Krasinski to be a talented new addition to the ranks of horror/suspense genre directors.

That said, I'm wary of this sequel. The first film felt perfectly self-contained, and if there had to be a sequel, I would've preferred it focused on a new set of characters living in the same world. But while Henry's character, and the character played by Cillian Murphy, will be new additions to the story, Blunt, Simmonds, and Jupe are all returning as well, meaning this will very much be a continuation of the original film.

But I suppose after the first film made over $340 million worldwide, a sequel was inevitable, and producers probably figured audiences wanted to see some familiar faces. Here's hoping the second film is as strong as the first, and not just a rehash. At first, Krasinski wasn't even sure he'd return for a sequel, but the actor and filmmaker eventually came around.

"I had this little idea that I thought of and my producer, again, was very smart and said, 'Will you just write it down so I can give it to these filmmakers who are coming in to pitch?' and I said, 'Yeah'," Krasinski told The Big Picture Podcast. "And then after like three weeks he was like, 'Why don't you just write this and then we'll get another filmmaker?' and of course Jedi mind-tricked me into signing on to the sequel."

Henry has been acting since 2009, but it was his role on the FX series Atlanta that helped clue people into his considerable talents. Those talents were further highlighted in recent film work, most notably his scene-stealing turns in last year's If Beale Street Could Talk and Widows. He also did voice work for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. In addition to Child's Play and Joker, Henry will also appear in this year's Superintelligence and The Woman in the Window. He's also set for a role in 2020's Godzilla vs. Kong.

A Quiet Place 2 opens March 20, 2020.