'Transparent' Finale Trailer: Amazon's Flagship Series Comes To A Musical End

We've known for over a year that the fifth season of Amazon's Emmy-winning series Transparent would be its last, but now we finally have a first look at Jill Soloway's musical finale, which kills Jeffrey Tambor's transgender character and family matriarch Maura Pfefferman off screen and follows the Pfeffermans as they grapple with that loss. Transparent was Amazon's first show to win an Emmy, and the first ever streaming show to win a Golden Globe for Best Series, so this conclusion feels like it marks the end of an era.

Transparent Finale Trailer

In 2017, trans actresses Van Barnes and Trace Lysette accused Tambor of sexual harassment. Amazon investigated the claims and ended up firing Tambor, which is why his character Maura is nowhere to be found in this teaser trailer. This isn't a final season of the show as much as it's a two-hour movie musical that brings the story to a close.

"There are no words, no way to go back to a plain old season 5 and try to repair by going back," Soloway said previously. "We dared ourselves, took all the songs [my sister] has been writing. She'd already been writing songs for a possible Transparent musical on Broadway five years down the line...The show isn't necessarily ending. It's transitioning into a musical."

Here's the official description:

THE TRANSPARENT MUSICALE FINALE takes the beloved Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning series TRANSPARENT to new heights as a dazzling two-hour movie musical fantasia. When the Pfeffermans face a life-changing loss, they begin a journey hilarious and melancholy, brazen and bold. As they face this new transition, they confront grief and come together to celebrate connection, joy, and transformation.

The finale will hit Amazon Prime Video sometime this fall.