'Dolls' Trailer: The Summer Of Killer Dolls Continues!

It's a big year for sentient dolls. Not only do we have the Child's Play remake to look forward to this month, there's also Toy Story 4 and Annabelle Comes Home. And next month, we'll be blessed with Brahms: The Boy II. But The Boy II isn't the only doll movie arriving in July. There's also Dolls, a low-budget affair featuring E.T.'s Dee Wallace, and, yes, evil dolls. Watch the Dolls trailer below. Dolls!

Dolls Trailer

Why are there so many movies about killer dolls? I mean, I get it – dolls can be pretty creepy. You ever check into a B&B and find out your room is full of old-ass dolls? Spooky! But it seems like 2019 is in killer doll overload. The films I mentioned above have modest-to-normal budgets, and then we have this movie, which is operating on a smaller scale. You probably shouldn't expect Dolls to be a slick Hollywood production. But you should expect to have scenes where people enter rooms full of tiny dolls, and say, "What the hell?! Did those dolls move?! I am scared!"

Dolls follows "a struggling children's book author and his rebellious teenage daughter who move into a house they've inherited and find mysterious dolls in the attic. They soon learn that the dolls have a sinister – and deadly – past." Dee Wallace, of E.T. and Cujo fame, "plays a neighbor who knows about the dolls and their ties to the house." I sincerely hope that means there's a scene where the the children's book author goes to Dee Wallace and asks, "Hey, do you know about the dolls?" And she replies: "Oh yeah, I know about the dolls. And their ties to the house."

The film also features Tom Downey, Trinity Simpson, Bret Green, Elise Muller, Melinda deKay, and Robert R. Ryel. And some dolls. Cuyle Carvin directs, from  a script by Justin Hawkins & Josh Hawkins, with Jeff Miller also contributing to the story.

Dolls will terrorize us all on DVD and VOD in the U.S. on July 2.