'Saturday Night Live' Bloopers Show Line Flubs, Stumbles & More From Pre-Recorded Sketches

Saturday Night Live has already finished season 44, so we won't be getting any new episodes until the show comes back this fall. But that doesn't mean the late night sketch comedy series is done dishing out laughs. This week, the folks behind the ongoing "Creating Saturday Night Live" web series on YouTube have delivered a collection of hilarious bloopers from the show's pre-recorded sketches completed by their film unit.

Saturday Night Live Bloopers

Mistakes happen far less frequently than you'd think on Saturday Night Live, which is impressive for a show that comes together in a single week. That includes writing, building sets, creating wardrobe, crafting make-up, rewriting, scrapping sketches, and more. Amidst all of that, the film unit somehow finds time to get cast members (and sometimes the host) together to create pre-recorded sketches. They have to do everything above, in addition to editing the sketch to air. That's nuts.

So of course, there are bound to be some mistakes that happens, and it's great to see what went wrong during some of these sketches. Some of the cast members, like Mikey Day, seem genuinely sorry to forget a line, even going so far to apologize to host Don Cheadle. But even the hosts mess up lines here and can't help but laugh at their own mistakes.

The leading offenders in this run of Saturday Night Live bloopers are Aidy Bryant and Pete Davidson. The former breaks during the live show a fair amount, especially when paired with Kate McKinnon for a sketch. But the latter is breaking so much that he might as well be the new Jimmy Fallon.

In case you didn't know, we review every new episode of Saturday Night Live when the new season is unfolding. We break down every single sketch and determine which ones are the best and the worst. We even choose an MVP from each new episode. So make sure to check back here when fall rolls around and the 45th season of Saturday Night Live gets underway.