We Have Two Exclusives From The 'Late Night' Soundtrack For Your Listening Pleasure

Late Night, the buzzed-about comedy starring Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling, opens in select theaters this Friday, and we're celebrating with two exclusive premieres. Below, you can hear cuts from the Late Night soundtrack composed by the supremely talented Lesley Barber. Hear them below, and learn more about the upcoming Late Night soundtrack.

Late Night Soundtrack – The Katherine Newbury Show

Late Night Soundtrack – Leaving For the Comedy Club

Lakeshore Records will release Late Night—Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on June 7.  The score hails from multi-instrumentalist, conductor and pianist Lesley Barber. Barber is responsible for one of my favorite soundtracks of all time – Manchester By The Sea. The comedic Late Night is, of course, cut from a much different cloth than the somber Manchester, highlighting Barber's talents.

"Writing the score for Late Night was a dream project," says Barber. "The collaboration process began from Mindy Kaling's genius script, creating a Late Night Band theme for The Katherine Newbury Show, and then working together with director Nisha Ganatra to create key themes from this central theme – to capture the humor, and emotional, moving moments. The score builds from this central theme, taking on lush string textures, and an intimate indie guitar, and percussion approach."

Director Nisha Ganatra added: "Making Late Night with Katherine Newbury believable meant that every detail of the show had to be created, not just the set. We composed a theme song, cast a band to be the Late Night band, cast the "crew" who work behind the scenes of the show...and then we had to plan our real crew shooting our Late Night 'crew' in that same small space, all in 25 days. Hopefully no one will stop to think, 'What episodes?!' They also won't notice because Lesley Barber wrote a theme song to the Late Night show that is original yet sounds like something you have heard your whole life. We use that theme song as the basis for the score throughout the movie."

In Late Night, "a late-night talk show host's world is turned upside down when she hires her first and only female staff writer. Originally intended to smooth over diversity concerns, her decision brings about unexpectedly hilarious consequences as the two women who are separated by culture and generation become united by their love of a biting punchline." The film opens in NY and LA June 7 and nationwide on June 14. See the full soundtrack track list below.

Track List

01. Late Night "Molly's Theme"

02. Molly Wants the Job

03. That's Our Show Everybody

04. Katherine Arrives

05. Molly Home Alone

06. Leaving for the Comedy Club

07. Booking Mimi

08. Molly's First Day

09. Katherine Decides to Fight

10. This Is How It Works

11. Trim It

12. The Katherine Newbury Show

13. Leaving Caroline's

14. Something New

15. Night at the Office

16. Going Viral

17. Katherine Receives Bad News

18. Late Night With Katherine Newbury

19. Molly and Charlie

20. Walking With Tom

21. Katherine at Night

22. Katherine Fires Molly

23. Brad Tells Katherine the News

24. She's Coming Back

25. Goodbyes

26. Katherine Thanks the Team

27. Tabloid Reporting

28. It Meant Everything

29. Katherine's Apology

30. Finding Molly

31. Asking Molly Back

32. Are We Ready