'Men In Black' Franchise Honest Trailer: Will Smith At The Height, Plateau And Depth Of His Power

This summer brings the Men in Black back to the big screen on a global scale with Men in Black International. But after looking back at the original three movies in the franchise with the Men in Black Honest Trailer, we're not entirely sure we need a retread, especially if it doesn't include a signature Will Smith riff lecturing people after neuralizing them.

Men in Black Honest Trailer

In case you never realized it before, each and every Men in Black movie features an alien villain who can kill people instantly, except when it comes to our main characters, all while the MiB search for a powerful device that was under their noses the entire time. Seriously, they're all the same. But the first one is somehow infinitely better than the rest (though I'll admit to enjoying the third one simply because I love time travel and Josh Brolin is perfect as a young, grumpy Tommy Lee Jones).

But the one thing that we're really going to miss about the new Men in Black comes from how blockbuster culture has changed over the years. Summer movies used to be such a big deal that they invaded every facet of pop culture, from fast food and music videos to toys and video games. But today, even some of the biggest summer movies don't have as wide of a spread. On one level, that's probably for the best, but on another, we're going to really miss having a Will Smith for Men in Black International. But at least he did one for Aladdin, right?