Tim Burton's 'Dumbo' Soars Onto Blu-Ray And Digital In June

The famously adorably flying elephant will soon be flying to your living room screen. While tickets didn't fly off the shelves for Tim Burton's remake of Dumbo, perhaps the cute CGI creation will have better luck on Blu-ray and Digital HD when it comes to home video this June. Disney has set the Dumbo Blu-ray release date on the same day as its Digital HD release in several different formats for a variety of devices.

Make the Dumbo live-action remake your "Baby Mine" with a Blu-ray or Digital HD copy when it arrives on Digital, 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and Movies Anywhere on June 25, 2019.

If you missed Dumbo while it was in theaters, here's your chance to get a physical or digital copy. Unfortunately, it's totally possible you missed it, as Burton's live-action remake of the 1941 animated classic barely made a dent at the box office, proving that not all Disney remakes are a guaranteed box office success. But maybe it could get more of an audience at home, with a slew of special features and deleted scenes set to be made available on the Blu-ray and Digital releases.

The special features include:


  • CIRCUS SPECTACULARS: Dumbo's cast share their experience of making the film—and get to the heart of a story about family and believing in yourself.
  • THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM: Explore how one of Disney's most lovable characters went from an animated classic to a stunning live-action retelling.
  • BUILT TO AMAZE: Get a closer look at the film's production and costume design.
  • DELETED SCENES: A compelling collection of scenes that almost made the final film.
  • Roustabout Rufus
  • Pachyderm Plans
  • The Other Medici Brother
  • Monkey Business
  • A Star Is Born
  • Where's Dumbo
  • Elephant Heist
  • A Seat at the Show
  • EASTER EGGS ON PARADE: Discover the hidden and not-so-hidden nods to the animated Dumbo in this narrated tribute to the Disney classic.
  • CLOWNING AROUND: Laugh along with the cast in a collection of big-top bloopers and goofs from the set.
  • "BABY MINE": Visual video performed by Arcade Fire

  • DREAMLAND – ANATOMY OF A SCENE: From Final Script to Final Scene: The filmmakers and cast talk a lot about the feeling of "grand intimacy" in the film.  Step right up as they bring the Dreamland parade to life, accomplishing the rare marriage of a massive spectacle combined with an emotional tenderness.
  • Though I was intrigued by Burton's fresh take on the classic Dumbo story, I ended up missing the film in theaters, despite my eagerness to see circus performer Colin Farrell. Though the film received mixed reviews from critics, Dumbo seemed light a lighthearted pivot for Burton, and a breath of fresh air from the slavish recreations that we've seen in other Disney live-action films.

    Dumbo was directed by Burton, with a screenplay by Ehren Kruger and also starredMichael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Eva Green, Alan Arkin, Nico Parker, and Finley Hobbins.