Cool Stuff: NECA's Latest 'Terminator 2' Action Figure Finally Brings John Connor To Shelves

San Diego Comic-Con is right around the corner, and some of the best exclusives for the annual convention come from toy manufacturer NECA. They've already revealed a new four-pack of figures from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies, and now they're bringing a new Terminator 2: Judgment Day figure to the table that fans have wanted for a long time.

NECA has already released several outstanding action figures from James Cameron's 1992 Terminator sequel, but today they finally announced that John Connor will be joining the roster as a San Diego Comic-Con 2019 exclusive, and he even comes with the dirt bike that he uses to skip school and speed around Los Angeles.

NECA Terminator 2 John Connor Action Figure

NECA Terminator 2 John Connor Action FigureNECA Terminator 2 John Connor Action Figure

The NECA Terminator 2 John Connor action figure (seen above via fits with the 7-inch line of figures, which already includes editions of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the T-800 Terminator model, Robert Patrick as the advanced T-1000. And this John Connor is just as detailed as any of their other figures from the movie, delivering an outstanding likeness of actor Edward Furlong.

But the real bonus here is that John Connor comes with his dirt bike, as well as that hacking device that helps him snag some money from an ATM, and an encased T-800 endoskeleton arm. There's also an interchangeable head with John Connor wearing a headband.

The NECA Terminator 2 John Connor action figure has a bit of a salty pricetag at $50, but for fans who have long been waiting for that figure, it's a small price to pay to continue the collection of characters from the action classic.

Don't worry if you won't be at San Diego Comic-Con to pick this up, because there will be a small window for you to pre-order this before the convention begins and have it shipped to your house. Get more details on when you can do that at the NECA website.