'Rambo V: Last Blood' Trailer: Arm Yourself For The Final (?) 'Rambo' Movie

Sylvester Stallone returns as John Rambo for the final time (maybe) in Rambo: Last Blood. The conclusion to the previous film, simply titled Rambo, seemed fairly finite in its conclusion, in which Rambo finally returned home to America after so many years abroad. But trouble has a way of finding John Rambo, and sure enough, Last Blood will find the emotionally damaged Vietnam veteran trying to take down a drug cartel. Watch the Rambo: Last Blood trailer below.

Rambo 5 Trailer

The Rambo franchise is a strange one. The series kicked-off with 1982's First Blood, which was more of a thriller than an all-out action flick. The movie was about how damaged veteran John Rambo was, and how his PTSD could set off a wave of violence. But Sylvester Stallone, being Sylvester Stallone, decided to make a bunch of sequels that turned Rambo into a one-man army. These sequels were violent, silly, xenophobic, and – let's be honest – pretty entertaining. Then came 2008's Rambo, which Stallone directed himself. That film was plenty violent – in fact, the violence is extreme. But the movie also attempted to return to Rambo's roots as an emotionally damaged man. It felt like a true ending to the story, too.

But here we are again! Stallone has always had a hard time letting go of his iconic characters, and he's returned to give John Rambo one last hurrah. In Last Blood, Rambo is ""deeply troubled and wrestling with PTSD as he picks up casual work wherever he can. When long-time family friend and estate manager Maria informs Rambo that her grand-daughter has gone missing after crossing into Mexico for a party, he sets off with her to find the youngster. What ensues is a violent descent into hell as Rambo uncovers a sex-trafficking ring. He teams up with a journalist whose half-sister has also been kidnapped and must deploy all his skills to save the girls and bring down a vicious crime lord."

This sounds a lot more like a Sicario sequel than a Rambo movie. But I'm sure I'll see the damn thing anyway. Stallone co-wrote the script with Matt Cirulnick, whileGet the Gringo filmmaker Adrian Grunberg directs. In addition to Stallone, Rambo V: Last Blood features Adriana Barraza, Paz Vega, Yvette Monreal, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Oscar Jaenadam, and Joaquín Cosío.

Rambo: Last Blood opens September 20, 2019.