Cool Stuff: Cuyler Smith's 'Trading Cards 4' Art Show Collects 'Wayne's World,' 'The Office' & More

Gallery 1988 unleashed a new show this past weekend, and for all you collectible fans out there, artist Cuyler Smith is back with another installment of his Trading Cards artwork. This is the fourth solo show that has taken various athletes and sports from film and television and given fictional characters their own trading cards, just as if they were available in the store to buy. Check out the latest Cuyler Smith trading cards collection below, and find out how to get them.

Cuyler Smith Trading Cards 4

As you can see, Cuyler Smith spans quite the gamut of sports in cinema and television, including legitimate sports dramas like Raging Bull, Southpaw, and Warrior. There are also slapstick comedies that only have a smattering of sports in them like The Naked Gun, Billy Madison, and Happy Gilmore; episodes of TV shows with memorable moments of athleticism like Parks and Recreation, The Office, Chappelle Show, and more.

These are just some of the trading cards from Cuyler Smith's new trading cards show. You can find even more cards over at Gallery 1988, along with a glimpse of the information on the back of the cards, which adds to the authenticity of the trading cards themselves. There are even framed versions available that professionally display the front and back of the cards.

Of course, since this is the fourth show that Cuyler Smith has put together, some of these cards are companions with previous characters, so you might have to track down some others on eBay if you want an entire collection of the plays from The Sandlot or The Mighty Ducks. Even smaller characters rosters from movies like Happy Gilmore have been spread out a bit. So good luck!