Hear Two Exclusive Tracks From The 'What's My Name: Muhammad Ali' Soundtrack

The HBO documentary What's My Name: Muhammad Ali focuses on the life and challenges of the legendary figher through recordings of his own voice. In anticipation of the doc, we're debuting two exclusive tracks from the What's My Name: Muhammad Ali soundtrack, composed by Marcelo Zarvos (Wonder). Hear the tracks below.

What's My Name Muhammad Ali Soundtrack

Milan Records released the soundtrack digitally on May 17, 2019, featuring an original score by composer Marcelo Zarvos

The two-part HBO Sports documentary "explores Ali's challenges, confrontations, comebacks and triumphs through recordings of his own voice. The film paints an intimate portrait of a man who was a beacon of hope for oppressed people around the world and, in his later years, was recognized as a global citizen and a symbol of humanity and understanding." The doc also features "archival footage with Ali himself guiding viewers through his remarkable journey." It's currently streaming on HBO.

"One of the most rewarding parts of scoring What's My Name were the fights where we combine brutal percussion with the agility of jazz trumpet and very emotional orchestral music," said Marcelo Zarvos. "It's been said many times that Ali was a dancer in the boxing ring, and I really took this to heart and dug down deep from my experiences in my early days as a composer of music for modern dance and ballet...Working with Antoine Fuqua in this fresh and innovative telling of the great Muhammad Ali's story has been one of the highlights of my career."

Director and Executive Producer Antoine Fuqua added: "I love collaborating with Marcelo. He is a talented composer and filmmaker and always surprises with his depth of knowledge and skill set to play and create all types of music; blues, jazz, and classic scores," said Antoine Fuqua who served as the Director and an Executive Producer of the documentary."