'Snowpiercer' TV Show Already Set For A Second Season Before Season 1 Even Premieres

Despite delays and a network change, it seems like nothing can stop the perpetual train that is the Snowpiercer TV series from chugging along. The sci-fi series adaptation of Bong Joon-ho's acclaimed 2014 film of the same name has already been renewed for a second season at TBS before it has made its 2020 release.

WarnerMedia announced that it has ordered Snowpiercer season 2, a year before season 1 is hitting the airwaves in 2020. The post-apocalyptic sci-fi series will air both seasons on TBS, which picked up the series from TNT as part of its transition from lighthearted comedies to serious drama. Brett Weitz, general manager for TBS and TNT, said of the Snowpiercer season 2 renewal:

"Snowpiercer is the perfect show to kick-off TBS' entry into dramas with intricate storytelling, stunning visuals and first-class acting. We believe in the longevity of this series and that audiences will be amazed by the fantastical world that brings to life such relevant social, political and environmental issues."

Snowpiercer will certainly be a drastic change for TBS, which until now has mostly been known for comedies like Angie Tribeca and airing reruns of Friends. Based on Bong Joon-Ho's bracing, visually arresting sci-fi film — which itself was an adaptation of the 1982 French graphic novel Le Transperceneige — Snowpiercer is a harrowing post-apocalyptic story set seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland and centering on "the remnants of humanity, who inhabit a gigantic, perpetually-moving train that circles the globe. Class warfare, social injustice and the politics of survival play out in this riveting television adaptation."

The 2014 film was one of the most challenging and audacious sci-fi spectacles in recent memory, and to adapt that into a TV series is certainly a feat. Hopefully it's one that showrunner and executive producer Graeme Manson (Orphan Black) is up to, along with stars Jennifer Connelly, Daveed Diggs, Alison Wright, Mickey Sumner, Susan Park , Iddo Goldberg , Katie McGuinness, Lena Hall, Annalise Basso , Sam Otto, Roberto Urbina, Sheila Vand,  Jaylin Fletcher, and Rowan Blanchard.

Writing for season 2 will begin this June, while Snowpiercer season 1 is set to premiere on TBS in spring 2020.