'Too Old To Die Young' Clip: Miles Teller Wants To Kill Some Bad People

Nicolas Winding Refn's Amazon series Too Old to Die Young is going to be big on style – that's a given with most Refn titles. One thing it apparently won't be big on, though, is talking. A new Too Old to Die Young clip is here, and while it runs for nearly two minutes, there's a whole lot of awkward silence and long pauses. That's not a flaw – it's a design. Refn is establishing a mood, and that mood is bleak. In the clip below, Miles Teller turns down an offer to kill some random guy, and instead asks for a much different target.

Too Old to Die Young Clip

Rather than release a clip loaded with action, or violence, Too Old to Die Young has instead released a clip of...pregnant pauses. In the series, "a grieving police officer who, along with the man who shot his partner, finds himself in an underworld filled with working-class hit men, Yakuza soldiers, cartel assassins sent from Mexico, Russian mafia captains and gangs of teen killers."

Miles Teller plays that grieving police officer, and it looks like he's been roped into performing hits on people. But Teller doesn't want to do simple killings anymore, as he tells his handlers. Rather than tell him he has no choice, those handlers seem pretty accommodating. They ask Teller just what work he does want. His reply: "I want the worst guys you've got." In other words, it looks like Teller is okay killing people as long as he thinks of them as bad people.

This clip doesn't give away very much, but I'm loving the atmosphere, and the cinematography. I remain incredibly curious about this entire endeavor. Rather than a traditional TV series, all 10 episodes of the series will run about 90 minutes each. That's basically 10 feature-length films. "It's the most Nicolas Winding Refn thing that ever existed, honestly," said co-writer Ed Brubaker. "It's stylish and shocking, it has some of the best cinematography ever for television (our lead DP was the great Darius Khondji, so of course it does), and at the same time it is a meditation on these characters trapped in this world that's not too unlike the world all around us, that feels like it's about to fall apart, or maybe be torn apart."

Too Old to Die Young will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival this month, then debut on Amazon Prime Video June 14, 2019.