'Game Of Thrones' Photos Set Up A Conflict At King's Landing

On Game of Thrones, things are looking relatively good for Cersei Lannister at the moment. The Golden Company, an army of mercenaries from Essos, are at her beck and call. Her soldiers have all gotten plenty of rest. The same can't be said for the forces from the North, led by potential contenders for the crown like Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow: they're all tired from fighting against an undead swarm at the Battle of Winterfell, and emotionally drained from watching thousands of their ranks die (including a significant character at the end of last week's episode).

HBO has released several new Game of Thrones photos for the upcoming penultimate episode of the series, and while millions of fans are going to be pulling for our heroes this weekend in what could end up being another battle at the gate's of King's Landing, these images certainly position Cersei as still having the upper hand.

New Game of Thrones Photos

Daenerys looks like she's straight up sleeping against the window at Dragonstone, though she's probably just despondent about Cersei murdering Missandei. Tyrion looks particularly troubled (could Dany be doubling down on the idea of burning King's Landing to the ground?), while Grey Worm seems to have been able to compartmentalize his emotions well enough to still have exceptional posture in the presence of his queen. I'm not sure why Euron would be staring in awe from the deck of one of his ships – unless, of course, he's shocked to see a surprise attack from Daario Naharis and the Second Sons, who we never expected to see again!

Based on that photo of Varys and Jon, it appears that Jon is quickly going to learn that his secret identity isn't quite as secret as he hoped it would remain. But drama aside, he still finds his way to the battlefield, and outside the gates of the capital, the Golden Company's leader, Captain Strickland – who, I assure you, is not played by former Doctor Who star Matt Smith despite looking very much like him – sits atop his steed, ready for action. Cersei, of course, is thrilled with the idea of only having to contend with one more dragon. If her people are able to take down Drogon, Dany might be done for once and for all.

Game of Thrones returns to HBO for its second-to-last episode this Sunday night, May 12, 2019.