'Legion' Season 3 Trailer: Noah Hawley's Hallucinatory Show Returns For One More Season

Legion, creator/showrunner Noah Hawley's trippy, hallucinatory exploration of the inner workings of a mutant's mind, wasn't made for casual viewing. It's the type of show that demands your attention, rewards you with things you've never seen on TV before, and makes you appreciate the executives at FX who signed the checks for Hawley to make something so bonkers.

A perfect example: it's a show in which characters ask questions like, "How do you surprise someone who can go back in time and warn himself?" Insert Keanu Reeves "whoa" gif here. Steel your minds for one more season of this mind-bending series and check out the new Legion season 3 trailer below.

Legion Season 3 Trailer

Thanks a lot, Noah Hawley – now I'm just imagining Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland with Aubrey Plaza in the Mad Hatter role instead of Johnny Depp. (Come to think of it, maybe every Johnny Depp movie would be better if he was replaced by Aubrey Plaza. Pirates of the Caribbean, Sweeney Todd, Dark Shadows, Blow, Ed Wood...yep, I am now officially convinced.)

"Sorry for the wait. Was it awful?" Plaza's character says in this trailer, in a bit of a meta nod to fans who have been rabidly anticipating the show's return. (Season 2 debuted on April 9 last year.) This show continues to look like one of the strangest programs on cable television, and even though I personally gave up on it back in season one, it's easy to appreciate how Hawley is still clearly swinging for the fences with his vision for this show. Time travel, duck gas masks, Cerebro, characters floating in the sky...all of that probably isn't an easy sell to a network (despite the Marvel branding), but he's been able to create something that has earned a devoted following. And when Dan Stevens says a line like, "I'm the magic man" with a twinkle in his eye, I almost wish I had stuck with it enough to follow along with this final season.

Legion begins its final run on FX starting Monday, June 24, 2019.