'The Collector 3' Will Keep The Home Invasion Horror Series Alive

The Collector and The Collection are both nasty, effective horror films about one seriously twisted killer. They came on the heels of the Saw torture-porn horror trend, but are much better than most Saw knock-offs. The second film ended with a direct set-up for a third...but that third Collector never materialized. But it looks like that's about to change. A poster has arrived for The Collector 3, and it's been confirmed that this isn't some photoshop trickery – the movie is indeed really happening.

Josh Stewart, who plays the frequently unlucky Arkin in the Collector series, took to Twitter last night to post this poster for The Collector 3. Sometimes, actors will post fan art in order to drum up interest in potential films, but that's not what this is. Bloody Disgusting has confirmed The Collector 3 is very real. In the first film, 2009's The Collector, Stewart's Arkin breaks into a home to pull of a burglary, only to discover someone else has broken in first. That someone else is The Collector, a sadistic killer who rigs traps and other forms of torture for his victims. At the end of the film, The Collector captured Arkin and hauled him away in a trunk.

In the sequel, 2012's The Collection, Arkin breaks out and attempts to stop the Collector. As that film concluded, Arkin managed to catch the Collector in his own trunk, with plans to torture and kill the serial killer. It was a neat set-up for the third film...but that didn't happen. Now, it is. There's still no word on when or where we'll see this, but if I had to guess, it'll probably end up as a VOD movie. Marcus Dunstan, who co-wrote and directed the first two films, is back to direct this third entry, which will presumably pick up for the second film left off.

The Collector series is much better than it probably has any right to be. The first film is suitably nasty, and the sequel takes an Aliens approach by making everything bigger, louder, and crazier. I'm all-for returning to the franchise one more time, especially with the original creative team back in the saddle. Hopefully we'll learn more about The Collector 3 soon. In the meantime, here's a better look at the poster.