New Disney's Hollywood Studios Theme Park Logo Incorporates Characters From 'Star Wars,' Pixar And More

Today marks the 30th anniversary of Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and the resort is getting a makeover. Actually, two makeovers. First there's the new stuff: the recently opened Toy Story Land section, the upcoming Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, and under-construction Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway attraction. And now there's the new logo, which feels like an active attempt to sell visitors on this park's refreshed identity, which has undergone a massive change in the past decade.

The logo was revealed during a 30th anniversary streaming event (via Attractions Magazine) and here it is.

New Hollywood Studios Logo

This logo reveal is interesting for a couple reasons. The big one is the inclusion of actual characters into the name of the park, which immediately tells visitors what to expect. This is the park of Pixar, Star Wars, and beloved icons, a place built around visiting worlds inhabited by characters millions of people cherish.

Disney's Hollywood Studios began its life in 1989 as Disney-MGM Studios and it was conceived as an actual working film studio, where tourists could get a firsthand look at film and animation production. In its earliest days, the hook was similar to that of the original Universal Studios park – you would spend the day learning how entertainment was crafted behind-the-scenes and enjoying more familiar theme park thrills.

Of course, the studio never really took off. The deal with MGM fell through. The park's name was changed. Actual production was shut down. Eventually, all of the studio space was transformed into Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and Toy Story Land. But for a long time, Hollywood Studios existed in a limbo. If the Magic Kingdom was a place where dreams and fairy tales come to life, and Epcot was the place where the world became smaller and the future became closer, and Animal Kingdom was a chance to experience nature in all of its glory, what was this park? Its identity was never particularly clear and to explore the park in these later years was to wonder what it added to the Disney park experience beyond a handful of terrific rides.

This new logo embodies the new mission statement of a park that is about to look very different than it did just a few short years ago. This is where you go for Star Wars. Toy Story. Mickey. This is the home of characters and worlds.

The other interesting wrinkle to this logo change is that it essentially confirms Hollywood Studios is remaining, well, Hollywood Studios. A name change has been rumored for years, with some of the apparent choices sounding...cumbersome, to say the least. However, it seems like Disney has doubled down on the current name. Why would they introduce a new logo if they were planning to change it soon?

Here's some art showing off how the new logo looks on the entrance of the park.

It is also my professional opinion that this logo is ugly as sin and I cringe when I look at it, but hey, I'm not running a multi-billion dollar theme park division. What the hell do I know?