Samsung Made A Vertical TV, Because We Live In Hell

Well, it finally happened. Someone made a vertical TV. Taking note of how often those darn kids watch videos on their phones in portrait mode, Samsung has created the Sero – a TV that flips into portrait mode and connects to your mobile device. Which means youths can watch their Snapchats, and Instagrams, and TikToks and whatever the hell else it is they watch, on a big screen. The future is here, and it's bad!

In the grand scheme of things, a vertical TV isn't the worst thing to ever happen. In fact, it's relatively harmless. But also: I hate it. Then again, the solution here is to just never buy myself a TV like this. Still, the fact that this exists at all is troubling (in a minor, frivolous way). According to Engadget, Samsung's new Sero is a "43-inch quantum-dot QLED TV [that can] be flipped around 90 degrees, letting you watch Instagram, Snap and other smartphone videos in their native vertical configurations."

The TV also works in normal horizontal mode, offering "4.1 channel, 60 watt sound, Bixby control and more." So what say you, consumers? Does a vertical TV appeal to you at all? I suppose if you're a hardcore fan of Instagram stories, and are dying to watch them on a big screen, this is the device for you. Samsung's press release also lists some other handy uses for the Sero:

'Vertical' is not only a useful feature of the screen, but also a sound performance. It is equipped with a 4.1-channel, 60-watt high-end speaker and can be used to play various online music services such as Samsung Music as well as music stored on smartphones.

The design of 'The Vertical' is different from the existing TV. It has a simple, slim appearance and modern navy blue color. It also has a neat 360-degree clean design to the back.

In addition, when you are not watching TV, images such as images, photos, clocks, sound walls, etc. can be displayed to create a unique interior, and the built-in microphone of the artificial intelligence platform Bixby and remote control can easily control various functions have.

And in case there was any doubt, the press release specifically states that the Sero is being targeted towards "the Millennial generation." There's no word yet if the U.S. will be getting the Sero, but the TV goes on sale in Korea at the end of May, retailing for 1.9 million won, which is about $1,630.