'The Simpsons' Are Moving To Disney+, With The First 30 Seasons Available On Day One

Now that Disney owns The Simpsons, they're making the obvious decision, and moving the show to their new streaming service, Disney+. The entire show's run will now be available on the streaming service, on day one. Get ready for The Simpsons on Disney+ later this year.

Meet the new streaming home of The Simpsons: Disney+. Up until now, the series was streaming on the FXX Simpsons streaming app, with new episodes on Hulu. Now, Disney+ will be the exclusive streaming home of the series. The first 30 seasons available on day one to stream. This is obviously a huge deal to Simpsons fans, as it will package the show with all the other Disney+ original content.

The news was unveiled with an amusing video featuring Springfield's most infamous family, flanked by a statue of Disney CEO Bob Iger and a statue of Darth Vader (a photograph of Rupert Murdoch can be seen in the garbage can nearby). It's deeply odd to see Home Simpson wearing a Mickey Mouse hat – and even stranger to see him crushed by Dumbo.

This is a huge coup for Disney. The Simpsons has long-been one of the 20th Century Fox's flagship franchises, but now that Fox lives under the Disney umbrella, the new owners clearly recognize what they have. The hundreds of episodes available to stream on day one will undoubtedly be a huge deal for many people and could help convince more people who are on the fence.

Whether or not the show will continue with original episodes for very long is another question, as there were rumors that Disney might finally bring the long-running series to an end. For now, though, the show lingers on. Later seasons may not be as memorable, but the first 10 or so seasons remain all-time classics. And now they're heading to Disney+. Get ready to sign up.