Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Merchandise Revealed From First Order Cargo And Resistance Supply Stores

Just last week, new pieces of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge concept art showed off what a couple of the shops within the Disney theme park expansion will look like. One focused on gear for the First Order, and the other featured stuff for the Resistance. Now, straight from the floor of Star Wars Celebration 2019 in Chicago, we have our first look at some of the merchandise you'll be able to buy at each of the shops. It includes apparel, toys, collectible pins and patches, stylized housewares, and more. Check out some of the Star Wars Galaxy's Edge merchandise below.

While we've heard that a lot of the items that will be on sale in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge will appear to belong in the world of Star Wars, clearly that's not the case with everything you see below. But there's still plenty of cool stuff.

First Order Cargo

The First Order Cargo shop is full of some very menacing merchandise. There are signs that look like propaganda, shirts that promote the idea that they're protecting the galaxy. And even a flag with the First Order emblem on it. Be careful waving that around your house, because you're just asking to be taken out by a sect of the Resistance.

You'll notice there's also some official binders in case you need to keep a Wookiee prisoner or any other enemy of the First Order from running amok. There are added cosplay pieces such as arm bands with your rank on them. Mugs and water bottles that blend in with the tech aesthetic of the First Order ships and Stormtrooper armor. We're not sure if the First Order would really have their own throw blanket, but it must get cold in space, so why not?

Of course, there's a pack of figures featuring various characters of the First Order, which is very much removed from the world of Star Wars. But kids need toys.

The First Order ships also get the spotlight with some cool little models and toy ships, including the new TIE Echelon that has a life-size version in Galaxy's Edge. You'll also notice that there aren'y any of the classic versions of the Empire TIE Fighters or the Scout Walkers. It's all the updated vehicles from the recent trilogy. So that's all in line with the Star Wars universe.

Resistance Supply

As you might expect, the Resistance Supply has many of the same kind of items, just in support of the Resistance instead. They take cues from the Resistance uniforms, such as the orange jacket reminiscent of pilot's gear. However, it seems odd that there's a tanktop with the image of Rey on it. That's clearly outside of the reality Star Wars universe. The Resistance has their own set of figurines too. Because toys!

The Resistance has their own sets of towels with an X-wing soaring on them, not to mention their own throw blanket. Surely you need one of those when you're jumping from base-to-base on the run from the First Order. There's a Resistance flag to fly and also some legit pilot's gear for you cosplayers out there. Plus mugs and water bottles that look very fitting for this military outfit.

You'll also notice on the table of housewares that there's a package that includes a set of Resistance rank badges to complete your Resistance officer ensembles. However, outside of items that enhance your cosplay, there's also one trademark piece of merchandise you'll find in each shop.

First Order and Resistance Collectible Pins

Collectible pins are a trademark piece of memorabilia in Disney theme parks, so of course Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will have their own pins. These are made to represent each side of the war with vehicles, logos, propaganda style graphics, and other familiar imagery for each side. Along with the pins, there are also several patches that you can sew onto jackets, backpacks or wherever, not to mention keychains too, including one on the Resistance side that looks like Rose's secret ring from The Last Jedi.