Cool Stuff: Make It A Comic Christmas With DC And Marvel Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments For 2019

A lot of people decorate their Christmas trees with generic ornament balls, plastic beads, fake snow, and whatever else has come to represent the holiday season. But if you're anything like the /Film team, you like your Christmas tree to be representative of all the nerdy things you love. This year you'll be able to make it a comic book Christmas thanks to a new batch of DC and Marvel Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments being released for 2019, covering everything from Batman to The Avengers and more.

Web the Walls with Spider-Man

Ornaments that give a Christmas spin to a familiar character can be cheesy, but it's hard to resist this ornament of Spider-Man hanging upside down, wrapped in Christmas lights, and wearing a Santa Claus hat that inexplicably stays on his head. There must be some sticky web under there.

Iron Man Goes Metal

Most of Hallmark's ornaments are merely detailed plastic. But in the case of this Iron Man ornament honoring the character's debut appearance in Marvel Comics back in 1963, the hot rod Avenger is rendered in a premium metal. It's a must-have for any true Marvel fan.

The Dark Knight Before Christmas

Inspired by Jim Lee's original illustrations from Batman: Hush, the Dark Knight ornament will skulk around your tree looking for nefarious criminals trying to steal your Christmas presents. he's perched on a gargoyle overlooking Gotham City, or in this case, your living room.

The LEGO Boy Wonder

You don't want to leave a poor little orphan alone on Christmas, so make sure to bring this little LEGO Robin from The LEGO Batman Movie to your warm house for Christmas. It'll go perfect with the LEGO Batman ornament that was released before.

Wonder Woman Takes Flight

You probably shouldn't be able to see this ornament on your Christmas tree, but since you have to be able to know where Wonder Woman's invisible jet is simply for the sake of entertainment, we won't complain about it.

The Captains Marvel

If you like your ornaments to come with a little uncertainty, you can try your hand at the Captain Marvel blind box ornament. You'll get either the Star Force suit version of Captain Marvel or the red and blue suit that she'll be wearing from here on out. Good luck getting both!

Christmas Needs Balance

Thanos is looking to collect all the Christmas presents for the Infinity Gauntlet, and putting him in your tree will get him that much closer. He's wearing the full armor suit we'll see in Avengers: Endgame, and he's armed with his new double-sided blade.

Captain America is Back

Captain America is suited back up again for Avengers: Endgame, and now he's gotten a proper Hallmark Keepsake Ornament, complete with the signature shield.

The Christmas Glove

You can control the power of the Infinity Stones, which look like little Christmas lights, with this outstanding Infinity Gauntlet ornament. We wish it was a little shinier, but it'll get the job done.

Bat Boat Party!

Joining last year's ornament of the Batcopter from the original 1966 television series of Batman, we now have the famous Batboat with the Dynamic Duo on their way to rescue someone at sea. Hopefully they have their shark repellent.

Nearly all of these ornaments will be on sale at Hallmark stores and on their website starting on July 13, though there are some that won't be available until October 5. A lot of these end up going fast, so get your pre-order in so you can get them right away.